Surfing is one of the few activities that can make you feel one with the ocean. Every wave offers a profound sense of freedom to seek new thrills and opportunities. Our team at Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law is sponsoring the Surf’s Up camp this summer, but we are also sponsoring two future surfing students to attend! We want to offer an introduction to this immersive experience with our Surf’s Up Scholarship. With our Scholarship, two selected winners between the ages of 5-18 will get a week of surf camp at CocoSol Surf, starting on July 17th. 

Applicants were asked to submit a 300-word essay about why they like surfing and what makes them want to learn to surf. We are no longer accepting applications. We want to thank everyone who has submitted an essay. We appreciate the exciting stories and experiences that everyone has shared.

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