If you were harmed in a truck accident, you are likely experiencing a lot of pain and suffering. While we’re probably never going to understand what you’re going through, we want to stand by you through this difficult time. Our Orlando truck accident lawyers are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. Please do not hesitate to call us right away. You can set up your free consultation with us as soon as possible to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney.

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What Causes Commercial Truck Crashes in Orlando?

How long will it take to resolve my truck accident injury case

A truck accident can be similar to any other automobile accident if it is caused by a negligent driver. Perhaps a car swerved in front of a truck, which caused a pileup, and you were involved in that. Maybe the driver of the truck was not careful when changing lanes and caused a collision. Other times, truck accidents happen in ways that aren’t very similar to other automobile accidents. For example, truck drivers are required to get a lot of work done, which means they are driving into the wee hours of the night. The pressure put on them to finish their work sometimes causes them to drive for long periods with very little sleep. This can result in a driver who is just as impaired as someone who has had a few drinks.

Your truck accident claim has to have a liable party, which could be the truck driver for acting negligently, their employer for pressuring their employee to work with very little sleep despite knowing it was dangerous, the manufacturer of the truck for faulty vehicle parts, whomever loaded the truck for loading cargo in an unsecure way, or maintenance crew for failing to inspect and repair vehicle before every trip. Our Orlando lawyers can perform an investigation to make sure that all of liable parties are held accountable for the damage that this trucking collision has caused you.

Mistakes to Avoid after a Trucking Collision

One of the biggest mistakes that victims of truck crashes tend to make is talking to the insurance company about the accident. The insurance company wants to save themselves money, which means they want to avoid responsibility for the damages that the collision caused you. You will receive a phone call from them shortly after your accident where they’re going to be looking to get a recorded statement from you. You do not legally have to give them a recorded statement. They will only use your words against you. They also have extensive training on questioning you in a way that would get you to implicate yourself. It is best to have an Orlando semi-truck collision lawyer take over communication with the insurance company so that you are protected.

Another huge mistake that we see a lot of people make is failing to seek immediate medical attention. You do not want to delay seeking medical attention for any reason. While you may have priorities in your life, such as children, family, work, or errands that you feel you need to take care of before you can take care of yourself, but we highly encourage making your well-being the first priority after a commercial truck accident. You are going to be experiencing a lot of pain and suffering if you don’t get your injuries looked at right away. Also, if you delay seeking medical attention, the insurance companies are going to look at your medical records, be suspicious of the gap in time, and assume you were lying about how badly you were hurt, which could devalue your claim.

Lastly, perhaps the worst mistake you can make is not filing a claim at all. A lot of people are intimidated by personal injury cases because of lawyer fees or the possibility of going to trial. Please understand our Orlando lawyers are not going to ask for a penny unless we win your truck crash claim. We want to make this whole process as easy as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

How do I choose the right truck accident attorney

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If you or someone you know has been involved in a semi-truck accident, it’s very important that you select the right type of lawyer. Truck crashes are much more complex than an average car accident, as they have many, many unique characteristics.

Trucking companies and their drivers must follow certain regulations, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Hiring a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the trucking industry and the laws they must follow could make a huge difference in the amount of recovery you get and the kind of guidance and fighting that can be done for you along the way.

Our law firm has the resources needed to bring a successful commercial vehicle accident case. Because they’re complex and often involve very serious injuries, trucking collision cases often require many experts, and it’s important that you hire a law firm with the resources to hire those experts. For many years, we represented one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. We use that experience and what we saw in those cases to give our clients some guidance as to what an insurance company or trucking company may pay on their case, as well as what a jury may do in that case.

Many truck crash cases, because of their complex nature, unfortunately get presented to juries, so it’s important that you have an accident attorney experienced in trucking cases and who is not afraid to go to trial and present your case to a jury. Our Orlando truck accident lawyers are not afraid to go to trial for you, so call today to get started.

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