Car accidents can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering. We know the victims of car accidents deserve justice, and we have dedicated ourselves to getting that for them. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, please get a hold of Orlando car accident lawyers as soon as you can. Our personal injury attorneys want to stand by you during your fight for justice so that you get a full and fair result.

Tips for a Successful Auto Accident Claim

Feeling powerless is a very common emotion among victims of auto accidents. It might feel frustrating to have been involved in something so horrible due to the carelessness of another driver on the road. We want you to know that you do have some power in the situation. There are things that you can do to strengthen your case, as well as things we want you to avoid doing that could potentially weaken your case.

Here are three things you should know about how to increase the success of car accident claims:

  1. Don’t admit guilt. After a car accident, a lot of people want to get out of their vehicle if they can and talk to the other people involved. It’s natural to be apologetic and sympathetic, but we strongly discourage you from saying it was your fault. You likely have a lot of adrenaline running through your veins, and you might not see the situation clearly for what it was. If you say, at that moment, that it was your fault, but our investigation down the line shows that it was not your fault, that can harm your case and prevent you from getting justice.
  2. Seek immediate medical attention. Your injuries are probably pretty serious, and getting to a doctor is going to be essential for your well-being. If you delay seeking medical attention, you’re only going to harm yourself. Whether you delay because you have a family to take care of or you wanted to wait and see if your injuries got better, it’s not a good idea. As soon as you are finished at the scene of the accident, you should get yourself to an urgent care or an emergency room. If you delay and the insurance company is looking for excuses to devalue your claim, they’re going to say that the delay indicates you are lying about the severity of your injuries.
  3. Do not speak to the insurance company about the details of your claim. The only information the insurance company needs is your name, the fact that you were involved in the accident, and possibly your insurance information. They are going to be reaching out to you as quickly as they can to get a statement from you. This statement is not going to help you get justice. It is designed to help them devalue your claim by getting you to say something that incriminates yourself.

Determining Liability for a Car Crash

When the accident occurs and the investigation is done, the liable party will be determined and identified. Some car crashes have one liable party, while there might be shared fault in other cases. Regardless, those who are primarily responsible for causing the auto collision are going to be considered liable.

The liable party will be represented by their insurance company, who is the second player in a claim for a car accident. The insurance company has a primary objective of compensating you for the damages that their insured caused. That does not stop them, however, from trying to save themselves money. They are going to do everything in their power to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve because it’s going to cost them money.

Enlist the help of our Orlando lawyers to effectively prove to a local court that the defendant driver breached their duty of care and caused an otherwise preventable car accident. Our team can also speak to insurance representatives on your behalf to avoid accidentally giving them a disfavorable statement.

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