When you’re hurt on someone else’s property, you can suffer a great deal of mental, physical, and emotional pain. Negligent security victims often are left with serious injuries that can affect them for the rest of their lives. Our premises liability attorneys want to stand by you and demand justice for your damages. Please call our Orlando negligent security lawyers today to get started on building a strong case for the compensation you deserve.

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What to do after Being Injured Due to Inadequate Security

The first thing anyone should do after being injured in a violent crime due to inadequate security protocols and procedures is call the police to make sure law enforcement is involved and that they complete an incident report and investigation to document what occurred. The second most important thing is to seek medical treatment. Make sure you get the treatment you need so you get better. Number three, contact an attorney who has the knowledge and the experience to help you with respect to your negligent security case.

What is a Negligent Security Claim?

Negligent security claims involve a variety of different incidences that happen on someone’s property other than your own. Most frequently, these incidents happen in places such as parking ramps, parking lots, stores, parks, etc.

The incidences can range from muggings to robbery and assault. It is an unfortunate event, and the victims are often left seriously injured because of the violent nature of the crimes that were committed upon them. Essentially, if you were harmed by another person on a property other than your own, you may have a valid negligent security claim.

Here are the things that determine if you have a negligent security claim:

  • The property owner knew that a violent crime could happen due to their lack of security measures;
  • They did not act to prevent such injuries from happening to their visitors;
  • You were harmed in a violent incident due to this negligence.

If you believe you have a valid negligent security case, don’t hesitate to call our Orlando attorneys.

Three Tips for a Successful Claim

What should I do after a negligent security injury

It is common for victims of negligent security to feel helpless and like they cannot do anything to gain control over the situation because of the nature of their injuries. Our Orlando lawyers want you to know that there are several things you can do to strengthen a negligent security case. Here are three tips you can utilize to get a fair result:

  1. Bring a claim if you have been hurt due to the lack of security at someone else’s property. Many people feel like they shouldn’t bother with a claim for various reasons. If you are hesitant to bring a claim because of attorney fees, please understand that our Orlando negligent security attorneys are not going to ask for payment unless we win your claim.
  2. Seek medical attention as soon as you possibly can. Your well-being is going to be the most important thing in this very hard time. Do not delay getting yourself in front of a doctor. If the insurance company thinks that you were lying about your injuries because you waited to see a doctor, they’re going to try to devalue your claim. We want to see you get the full and fair justice that you deserve, so please seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  3. Do not speak to the insurance company about the details of your negligent security claim. They will be reaching out to you shortly thereafter to try to get a recorded statement from you. There’s nothing written in law that says you have to talk to them. Allow your lawyers to do this for you.

Parties Involved in a Negligent Security Claim

The first party involved in a negligent security claim is the liable party. They are going to be the property owner who did not do anything to prevent something from happening to their visitors. While the property owner is responsible for making sure that the premises they own and run a business on or have an apartment complex at is safe and secure for the individuals they invite onto that property, liable parties could also include the security company that was hired to perform security services there if someone was supposed to monitor the property. A maintenance company could also be liable for failing to make sure the cameras and lighting fixtures were working.

A property owner has what’s called a nondelegable duty to make sure a property is safe, which means, even if they hire someone else to perform security services, ultimately, the property owner still has that responsibility and is going to be vicariously liable. They are still going to be responsible, in other words, even if the security company they hired was negligent. They should be held accountable for their negligence and reimburse any damages you are suffering from.

The liable party is going to be represented by the next party involved in a negligent security claim, which is the insurance company. The insurance company has an objective to save themselves money. They will be held accountable for their insured being negligent, but they’re going to try their very hardest to reduce what they owe you.

The people that are relied on to protect you from the insurance company’s attempts to devalue your case are the Orlando inadequate security attorneys. They have a duty to serve justice and get a full and fair result.

You are called the plaintiff in your negligent security claim. You are entitled to justice. You should reach out to a lawyer as soon as you possibly can to start working on building a strong case against the liable party.

Can a negligent security claim be filed if the attacker was an employee of the establishmentWhat if the Attacker Was an Employee of the Establishment?

Whether someone can file a claim for inadequate security after being attacks by an employee of the premises depends on what the duties and scope of employment are for that particular individual and, more importantly, where their insurance coverage is going to apply given the circumstances. This is a tricky area of law, making it extremely important to hire a knowledgeable, experienced attorney who focuses and handles negligent security cases. Our legal team can help make sure the case is investigated so the employee can be held liable, the employer can be held liable, and that insurance coverage will exist.

How Long Does a Negligent Security Case Take to Resolve?

Just the other day, I had a client ask me how long I thought his case would take to resolve, with respect to a negligent security claim here in the Orlando area. I told him it depends. Every case is different. If the case is able to be resolved pre-suit, likely it will be resolved in the first six to twelve months. If the insurance companies fight the liability or fight the causation in damages, however, and are not fair and don’t make reasonable offers, we’ll be forced to litigate the case. Then, it can be 12 to 24 months before the case gets to trial and is tried before a jury.

All of these factors require experience and knowledge in dealing with negligent security cases to make that determination as to how long each case will take. It is important that you hire a seasoned Orlando lawyer to help you with your negligent security case.

What is the value of my negligent security caseValuing a Negligent Security Claim

While I was on the phone with a recently retained client last week, he asked me how I would determine the value of his negligent security case. I told him that, here in Orlando, there are numerous factors that go into this – the extent of your injuries, how long they last, whether you recover from them or whether they’re going to impact you for the rest of your life, and the amount of your medical bills to start. It could also be impacted by your ability to work after an incident, if you have past lost wages, and if it’s going to impact your ability to work in the future. Finally, we need to consider if you’re going to have future lost wages, as well as any pain and suffering you have experienced, and how that has impacted you both mentally and physically. These are all factors that go into determining the value of the case.

The only way you’re going to get a true and valid assessment is if you hire a knowledgeable, experienced trial lawyer that is willing to fight the insurance companies, take them to trial if necessary, to get full and fair compensation.

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