Although the construction industry has become much safer in recent years, job site accidents are still among the most common sources of workplace injuries in Central Florida. Every year, construction accidents in and around Orlando result in life-altering worksite injuries and fatalities. What is particularly frustrating is that, many times, these injuries could have been avoided with proper safety precautions.

If a worksite mishap caused you to suffer an injury, an Orlando construction accident lawyer can help you hold responsible parties accountable for their actions or inaction. Our personal injury attorneys have ample trial experience and could help you at every step of the legal process. Let our team stand up to large companies on your behalf and help you get the compensation you need to treat your injuries and protect your future.

Understanding Construction Accidents in Orlando

The construction industry is the backbone of our economy and involves everything from the homes we live in and the schools our children attend, to the buildings we work in. Thousands of Americans are killed and injured on worksites every year, however, due to unsafe work conditions and the negligence of others. These accidents are often caused by poor safety standards, faulty equipment, poor supervision, improper training, and companies putting profits over safety.

Construction accidents often involve both State and Federal Law as well as industry specific standards. It is important to hire a lawyer who is familiar with these laws, regulations, and standards. In these cases, the Defendants typically try to blame the injured construction worker.

In addition to sudden accidents, construction workers may also sustain severe injuries from repetitive use of or exposure to dangerous substances. Our local lawyers understand how debilitating these types of injuries can be and will work tirelessly to help injured construction workers obtain the relief they deserve.

If a construction accident causes someone to suffer a premature death, our team can help their surviving loved ones recoup their damages in a successful wrongful death suit. The Orlando attorneys at our firm use their knowledge of the rules, laws, standards, and regulations applicable to that construction site to hold the responsible party accountable the accident.

Hiring an Orlando Lawyer after a Construction Accident

You likely have never had to go through a construction accident case litigation before. We would not expect you to become overnight experts in litigation. Make sure that you don’t go through this alone without the help of an experienced lawyer. Hiring one of our local attorneys is going to be essential to the success of your construction accident case.

Our lawyers have help victims of many different types of construction accidents, including the following:

Furthermore, our team can help determine the cause of a specific accident on a construction site by examining the following factors:

  • Government agency investigations including those done by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Photographs from the job site
  • Video footage from the job site
  • Training of employees working on the job site
  • Contracts of the companies working on the job site
  • Insurance coverage of the companies working on the job site
  • Plans and drawings for the project and job site
  • Safety equipment on the job site
  • Hiring practices of the companies working on the job site
  • Safety record of the companies working on the job site
  • Prior similar incidents at the particular job site or involving the companies at the job site

Possible Sources of Compensation in a Construction Accident Claim

If a construction worker suffers an injury at a job site, a legal specialist at our firm can help them determine where to look for compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

If a construction worker gets hurt while performing their job duties or workplace responsibilities, they might be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits from their employer or their employer’s insurance company. Workers’ compensation claims are exclusive, meaning employees whose employers are enrolled in the workers’ comp system cannot collect benefits and then sue their employers in civil lawsuits.

Florida workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, which means injured workers do not need to show that their employer’s actions caused their injury. They can often still recover workers’ comp benefits after a construction accident even if their own actions caused their injuries.

Civil Claims

If an injured person’s employer is not enrolled in the worker’s comp system and was totally or partially responsible for the construction accident, they could sue the employer for financial relief. If another party caused or contributed to the severity of a construction site mishap, it would be possible to include them as a defendant in a civil lawsuit as well. Otherwise, if someone’s employer is enrolled in the workers’ compensation program but a third-party bears some liability, the injured construction worker could file a civil claim against the third-party, but not their employer.

Skilled attorneys in Orlando can investigate to see who is responsible for a construction accident. Our legal team can help identify all potentially liable parties, such as subcontractors, general contractors, property owners, engineers, manufacturers of defective construction equipment, or even the at-fault driver of a construction vehicle.

In addition to determining who is liable, our attorneys can also estimate the value of a construction worker’s potential claim.

Schedule a Consultation with an Orlando Construction Accident Attorney

If you are in the process of recuperating from a construction accident injury, you might be wondering what your legal options are. A successful civil claim could help alleviate your financial difficulties.

Meet with an Orlando construction accident lawyer to discuss your situation and figure out your next steps. It will not cost you anything to meet with us. We do not charge any upfront fees, and we only get paid if you win your case. Let us help you. Call today.

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