Our lawyers understand that medical malpractice is a terrible thing to go through. We want to help you through this and get the justice you deserve. No one should have to suffer from negligent doctors failing to do their job. If you need dedicated legal support, please get in touch with our team as soon as you can so we can help you get a fair result in your personal injury case. Call us right away to set up your free initial consultation with our Orlando medical malpractice lawyers.

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What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice can happen to anyone at any time. It is a scary thought, but it is a truth that many experience first-hand. You can experience medical errors any time, from the moment you were born through adulthood. Birth injuries are a huge problem in medical malpractice cases. Even going into the doctor for a broken bone could result in improper casting and a terrible infection if it goes unchecked. The worst cases involve amputations to the wrong body part or surgeries done on the wrong patients. Minor cases may involve pharmacy errors, which can still cause severe trouble for patients, as well as communication errors, also known as system failures, which can result in numerous adverse consequences, including delayed diagnosis, improper medical care, and improper treatment, potentially causing severe harm to the patient. It is important to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable and understands where these communication errors can be found in order to identify them and pursue full recovery for your case. The list goes on and on.

How do I choose the best medical malpractice attorney for my case

As the plaintiff in a medical malpractice case. you are going to be asking the insurance company that represents the liable party to give you the results you deserve. The liable party would be the negligent nurse, doctor, or pharmacist who directly caused you harm. Insurance companies that represent medical care professionals are notoriously hard to deal with and get results from. That’s why it’s crucial to get a very supportive and fierce lawyer on your side. Our Orlando medical malpractice attorneys work tirelessly to obtain results that are fair and full.

The damage you suffered as a result of medical malpractice might be temporary or permanent. Unfortunately, the only way to know the full extent of your damages is to get yourself in front of a doctor to get treatment. This may be very difficult for you if you are experiencing trauma after being treated improperly by medical care professionals, but it is a necessary thing that has to happen in order for you to get better and claim comprehensive compensation.

Tips for a Successful Medical Malpractice Claim

Although you may feel helpless right now, please understand that there are things you can do to strengthen your medical negligence case. The first step to building a strong case is to get the right legal representation. Medical malpractice cases are hard fought and are seldom won without a lawyer’s help.

We understand that it can be intimidating to think about hiring a lawyer, but they are only there to help you win. With our firm, you don’t need to worry about the cost of a lawyer, because we do not charge you unless we win your case. Even then, when the case is won, the payment comes from the award — it does not come directly out of your pocket.

Common Mistakes during a Medical Negligence Case

We strongly advise you to meet with one of our lawyers as soon as possible so you can understand what mistakes to avoid in a medical malpractice case. For example, trying to resolve the matter yourself without seeking the advice of counsel is a mistake. People who resolve their cases quickly may take years to realize the true extent of their losses. At that point, it’s too late. If you believe you or a family member has been injured as the result of medical malpractice, please contact us. We’re here to help.

Furthermore, a lot of people get on the phone with the insurance company representing the medical care professional and give them a recorded statement. This is a mistake because the insurance company is trained to get specific answers out of you that will weaken your case and take responsibility off of their plate, leaving you with unfair results in the end. Instead, it’s best to hire a well-trained, knowledgeable, experienced lawyer who deals with medical malpractice claims and insurance companies on a daily basis.

The insurance company representative you’re speaking to will likely seem genuinely helpful and like they want to resolve your case quickly for you. Quick results here, however, are not going to be the best bet for you, because the first settlement offers that insurance companies usually offer are extremely low and do not nearly cover the damages that their insured cost you. These insurance companies are professionals. They know what they’re doing. They likely want to obtain a recorded statement for their benefit, and it’s an attorney’s job to protect you from that.

What determines a medical malpractice case

Choosing the Right Legal Counsel for a Medical Malpractice Case

It is imperative to work with a legal team that focuses on this area of law, that is not only knowledgeable with respect to the law but with respect to medicine as well. This is a very unique area of law, and it is important to find a lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling medical malpractice claims and who can complete the affidavit stating that there was indeed a breach of the standard of care.

 You also want to make sure that you find a trial lawyer (i.e., someone who has experience properly working up medical malpractice claims and preparing them to go to trial). About 95% of all cases don’t make it to litigation. Less than one percent of the cases that go to litigation typically result in going to trial. However, at our firm, we prepare every single case as if it’s going to trial, and the insurance companies know who the trial attorneys are that actually take cases to trial and who just prepare cases for settlement. It is essential that your case is prepared and ready to go to trial if necessary.

How Much Does an Orlando Medical Negligence Lawyer Cost?

The attorneys at Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law work on a contingency fee, which means if we don’t make a recovery, either through a verdict at trial or through a settlement, you don’t pay anything. There is no hourly rate, so there is no risk of running up expensive legal bills by seeking a consultation from us.

Determining the Value of a Medical Malpractice Case

A lot unique, case-specific facts impact the value of a medical negligence claim, such as:

  • The extent of the patient’s losses
  • Whether the damage can be repaired or fixed
  • Whether the patient will require life-long treatment and future medical care
  • The patient’s ability to work and find employment in the future
  • How the damage has impacted the patient’s family life (i.e., their interaction with their wife, husband or children)

All of these things determine the value of the medical malpractice claim. That’s why it is extremely important to hire a knowledgeable, well-trained trial attorney who can perform a proper evaluation of your case. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of medical negligence, please connect with one of our Orlando attorneys.

How Long Does a Medical Negligence Claim Take to Resolve?

Here in Orlando, there are numerous factors that can influence how long a medical malpractice case takes to resolve. One of those is the significance of the injuries. The second is the pre-suit process that is required here in Florida, specifically with respect to medical negligence lawsuits. State law requires you to retain experts who will execute an affidavit indicating that medical malpractice has occurred before you can even file a lawsuit. Then, once you file a lawsuit, it could be 18 to 24 months before the matter is resolved, if it requires going to a jury trial.
Do I have a medical malpractice case if I wasn’t informed about a procedure that took place

What to do if a Wound Worsens after Seeking Medical Care

If the wounds resulting from an incident of medical malpractice are getting worse after treatment, it’s crucial to immediately seek additional medical attention. Certain injuries can become infected or otherwise result in permanent injury or even death.

The next thing to do is speak to an attorney and determine whether you have a valid medical malpractice claim. An experienced lawyer can investigate whether your injuries could have been prevented, and whether your treatment failed to meet the standard of care.

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No one should have to suffer through being a victim of a negligent or careless doctor or medical professional. It can be some of the worst suffering that people can go through. We understand this is a very difficult time for you. Take the first step of getting the justice you deserve for the damage you’re suffering from. Call us as soon as you can to set up a free initial consultation. Our Orlando medical malpractice lawyers are here to help you pursue and obtain the justice you deserve.

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