Common Injuries From Orlando Car Accidents

Orlando is a populous city in Orange County, FL. According to 2023 statistics, Orange County had 26,238 crashes, with 165 of them resulting in fatalities. Even if it’s not fatal, a car accident is a traumatic event that could leave you with injuries requiring extensive medical care, along with losses like a totaled vehicle and more. 

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Learn more about the most common injuries sustained in Orlando car accidents, as well as the types of damages you can pursue. 

How Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law Can Help You After a Car Accident in Orlando, FL

How Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law Can Help You After a Car Accident in Orlando, FL

Dealing with injuries, car repair bills, and other losses can leave you struggling financially after being in a collision. To get the help you deserve, you need to turn to Orlando car accident lawyers who can guide you as you file a personal injury claim. At Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law, we are here to offer the support you need. 

Our lawyers provide services that include:

  • Assessing your claim 
  • Gathering evidence and investigating the claim
  • Negotiating a fair settlement with insurance companies
  • Litigating your case in court if necessary

With a combined experience of over 75 years, our lawyers have a dedication to helping those who are struggling after a car accident in Orlando, Florida. Don’t wait to get started — contact our Orlando personal injury lawyers now. 

The Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Orlando, FL

Car accidents can result in a variety of injuries, from scrapes and cuts to traumatic brain injuries. 


Perhaps the most common injury you can experience, whiplash occurs when a collision sends your head moving rapidly back and forth like a whip. This movement damages ligaments and strains muscles, leading to symptoms like dizziness, neck pain, and stiffness. Whiplash is common after rear-end crashes

Broken Bones

The force of a collision can send your body crashing into parts of the vehicle, including the steering wheel, doors, or windows. If the force is powerful enough, even hitting an airbag can lead to broken bones. It’s common for drivers and passengers to experience broken ribs or noses because of hitting the airbag. 

Cuts, Bruises, and Scrapes

It’s almost impossible to experience a car accident without getting a cut, bruise, or scrape. Your body jostles around during a collision, and the airbag itself can cause these injuries while preventing more serious ones. Other objects in your car could also fly toward you with the force of the impact.

Back Injuries

Back injuries can be severe, leading to debilitating pain and even causing mobility issues. Herniated discs are some of the most common types of back injuries people suffer in car accidents. A herniated disc develops when a part of the rubbery cushion that sits between your spinal vertebrae slips out of place, potentially putting pressure on nearby nerves. 

Unfortunately, spinal fractures are also common in car accidents. Most of the time, they occur when your upper body is thrown forward while your lower body remains in place because you’re wearing a seat belt. A collision could also cause burst fractures, which involve the vertebrae getting crushed in multiple spots. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Some of the most serious injuries you can sustain from a motor vehicle accident are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). TBIs include a wide range of injuries. Concussions occur when your brain hits against your skull. Contusions are also common. They are bruises in your brain that lead to swelling and bleeding, and they can be catastrophic injuries that lead to disability. 

Potential Damages Available After a Florida Car Accident 

After a car accident in Florida that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to economic and non-economic damages. The purpose is to compensate you for the losses you suffered. 

Economic damages are those you can put a number to and include immediate medical expenses, as well as any future care that you will require. 

Lost wages also fall under economic damages. If you need to miss work because of your injuries, you can get compensated for that. In instances when you won’t be able to return to work, you can also claim loss of earning potential. 

Non-economic damages include less tangible losses. Pain and suffering is one of these damages, which offers compensation for the physical and emotional distress you’ve experienced. Loss of enjoyment of life is another option. 

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