Head-On Crashes In Orlando

Were you hurt by a negligent driver in a head-on crash in Orlando, FL? If so, you may have a right to compensation. Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law can help you handle insurance claims and hold negligent drivers accountable. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with an Orlando car accident attorney, call us at 407-801-3000.

Our Orlando head-on crash attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience handling car accident cases. We have represented countless clients after head-on crashes. Head-on crashes can cause serious injuries and even death

How Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law Can Help After a Head-On Crash In Orlando

How Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law Can Help After a Head-On Crash In Orlando

Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law can help you navigate the aftermath of a head-on crash in Orlando. Our Orlando personal injury lawyers have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our injured clients. Our success is owed to our hard work and dedication to helping our clients recover after a traumatic accident. 

When you hire us after a head-on crash, our Orlando car accident lawyers will:

  • Investigate the crash
  • Calculate your damages
  • File insurance claims
  • Negotiate a settlement with insurance companies
  • Collect and review evidence
  • File a personal injury lawsuit 
  • Represent you in court 

Head-on crashes can be complex cases in Orlando, FL. You don’t need to handle it on your own. Call our Orlando head-on crash attorney for a free case evaluation.

We’ll Fight To Recover Compensation for All of Your Head-On Crash Injuries

Head-on crashes are one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. They are a major cause of catastrophic injuries and death. 

Some of the most common types of injuries are:

  • Skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Back injuries
  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Paralysis
  • Nerve damage
  • Burns 
  • Broken bones 
  • Blunt force trauma

Many of our clients have multiple injuries and extremely complex medical situations. We regularly consult with medical professionals to understand our client’s medical history and prognosis. This ensures that we recover every dollar that they need to heal.

What Causes Most Head-On Accidents In Orlando, Florida?

Some of the most common causes of head-on accidents in Orlando are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Improper signage
  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way 
  • Swerving 
  • Poor visibility 
  • Improper passing 
  • Vehicle malfunction 

If you aren’t quite sure what happened, Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law will investigate the cause of the accident. This investigation may produce evidence that supports your case during a potential lawsuit.

What Is My Head-On Crash Case Worth?

Head-on crash cases can be worth a lot of money. That’s because case value is very closely tied to the severity of a crash and your injuries. 

Some factors that will impact your head-on crash case value are:

  • If you have permanent or severe injuries
  • The extent of your medical treatment and need for ongoing treatment
  • The cost of damage to your car
  • If you are unable to work or earn income
  • If you missed, or will miss, a lot of work because of your injuries
  • The impact of the accident or injury on your quality of life
  • Your physical and emotional pain and suffering 
  • The details of your insurance policy

At the beginning of your case, we will calculate the case value. This will guide us through insurance filings, negotiations, and a potential lawsuit. It will also give you an idea of what to expect at the end of your case.

What Kind of Damages Are Available To Head-On Crash Victims?

Orlando head-on crash victims can recover compensatory damages. Compensatory damages pay you for your actual and future losses. There are two types of compensatory damages: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are financial losses, including the following: 

  • Medical bills
  • Damage to your car
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earnings 
  • Alternative transportation costs
  • Out-of-pocket expenses 

Non-economic damages are non-financial losses. They are intangible and often emotional. 

Non-economic damages may include payment for:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Mental illness
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship 
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement 

We will calculate your damages and fight for maximum recovery. If we can’t get full payment through insurance, then we aren’t afraid to fight for it in court.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Head-On Crash Lawyer?

Lawyers who handle head-on car crash cases are personal injury attorneys. Personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee. 

A contingency fee is an arrangement where the lawyer doesn’t get paid unless they win damages for their clients. This can be either through a settlement or after trial. When they win, they take a percentage of the compensation. Usually, the percentage is between 33% – 40%. 

Can I Recover Compensation if I’m Being Blamed for a Head-On Crash In Orlando?

Yes. Florida is a no-fault insurance state. That means that after a head-on crash, you will seek compensation through your insurance policy. This is the first step, regardless of whether or not you caused the crash. 

If your damages are greater than your insurance policy limit and you have serious injuries, you may pursue the remainder from the at-fault party. If the at-fault party or insurer refuses to pay what you are owed, your lawyer may file a personal injury lawsuit.

In a personal injury lawsuit, Florida will apply modified comparative negligence law. That means that you can recover proportionate damages as long as you are 50% or less responsible. If you are 51% or more at fault for causing the crash then you cannot recover anything.

Contact Our Orlando Head-On Crash Lawyers for a Free Consultation

You only have two years to file a car accident lawsuit after a head-on crash in Orlando, FL. Your lawyer will have a lot of work to do before going to court. Ideally, you’ll get paid without ever stepping foot inside of the courtroom.

Call an Orlando head-on crash lawyer at Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law to get started today. We will schedule a free consultation so that you can learn more about your legal rights and options. We handle all car accident cases, including:

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