What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

Many people aren’t aware of how a car accident attorney can help following an Orlando car wreck. An attorney can make the process of recovering compensation for injuries much less stressful. Without representation, you might end up attempting to manage your own legal case while also addressing your physical health and trying to get back to work.

Take a closer look at why a car accident lawyer is vital after a Florida crash.

3 Key Roles Your Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Fills

What does a car accident lawyer do exactly? The answer is not the same for every person. Skilled car accident lawyers can address various legal needs their clients may have. All of their actions, though, are designed to help their clients recover the financial damages they need and deserve following a collision.

No matter the facts of a specific case, you can expect a lawyer to fill at least three roles:

1. An Investigator

If you need to file a claim against another driver because of your severe injuries after a car accident, you will need to prove to a judge or jury how your accident happened. This requires you to locate and preserve key evidence that can help show the other driver was responsible for causing your crash and injuries.

As an investigator, your car accident lawyer can devote the time and resources to accomplishing this important work quickly. Without a prompt and thorough investigation into your case, you may not have the evidence necessary to recover all of the financial damages you need to make a full recovery.

2. A Negotiator

Many of the cases involving over 12,000 wrecks in Florida that resulted in incapacitating injuries in 2022 settled before ever reaching a courtroom. Settlements present benefits for injury victims, but only if the negotiations that lead to them are handled correctly. 

An experienced accident lawyer representing you can do this, freeing you from tough and potentially emotional negotiations at a time when you are recovering physically.

An attorney will know what your case is worth and the damages you can reasonably expect to receive. Additionally, they have the skills necessary to negotiate a fair settlement of your case so that you receive much-needed compensation more quickly. This can save you time and expense and help you return to your family activities and obligations as soon as possible.

3. An Advocate

In and out of the courtroom, your lawyer will be an advocate for your interests and needs. Insurance companies are committed to protecting their bottom lines at all costs, especially in severe cases involving truck accidents and complex collisions. However, your lawyer can advocate for your needs and rights. Whether on the phone, at the negotiating table, or in the courtroom, your attorney has your best interests in mind.

Beyond these practical benefits, such support following a severe accident can offer emotional benefits as well. Having a lawyer who knows how your crash has impacted you and your family and is committed to helping you can provide you with hope and encouragement during a difficult time.

When To Search For an Orlando Car Accident Attorney

Because Florida law typically only gives you two years from the date of your accident to bring suit, it is critical that you reach out and speak with an attorney as soon as possible after your crash. Once this deadline passes, it can be difficult to file a successful claim.

These three roles are only a few of the roles that attorneys who work for seasoned car accident law firms can fill, depending on your needs. For example, your attorney can also serve as a helpful resource who directs you to other care you need to make a full recovery. Consulting a car accident attorney can be one of the most vital steps you take after a car crash.

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