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7 Mistakes That Ruin Personal Injury Cases

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Defending Swimming Pool Accident Victims

When the temperature goes up, people flock to swimming pools and water parks to get away from the heat and get relief. Unfortunately, these trips often result in tragedy.  When this happens, the Orlando swimming pool accident lawyers of Norden Leacox can help. Every year, the CDC estimates that over 3500 people drown in pools throughout the country.

Thousands of others suffer pool related injuries each year.  Many of these incidents are just unfortunate accidents, but others are due to carelessness and recklessness.

Swimming pool accidents can result from:

  • Improperly designed and/or installed child safety fences
  • Lack of drain covers resulting in circulation entrapment
  • Lack of safety equipment
  • Toxic water in the pool
  • Negligent supervision by lifeguards
  • A poorly lit pool
  • Inadequate depth markers
  • Building code violations

Due to the unique nature of each and every swimming pool accident, a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the accident is key.  It is important to hire a lawyer with experience with these types of cases who knows what to look for when investigating them. That can make the difference in obtaining full justice following an unfortunate accident.

The Orlando swimming pool accident lawyers at Norden Leacox have over 30 years of experience handling personal injury cases and swimming pool accidents.  They will provide you with a free consultation, advising you of your legal rights, what courses of action the recommend, and a strategy to try and get your case resolved.  If the case cannot be resolved out of Court, the experienced lawyers of Norden Leacox will file a lawsuit on your behalf and aggressively represent you in court.  Although most cases settle prior to trial, if the case requires a jury trial, they will present your case to the jury using the many years of experience they have in both defending insurance companies and large corporations as well as representing injured people.

Orlando Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers: Why Choose Norden Leacox

  • We spent many years representing insurance companies, large companies and corporations. We use that experience and inside knowledge of the Defense to benefit you.
  • We have over 30 years’ experience handling personal injury and swimming pool accidents.
  • Swimming pool accidents involve unique facts and require a complete and thorough investigation that the lawyers of Norden Leacox have extensive knowledge of.
  • Our attorneys have the experience in trial and are not afraid to face large companies and corporations in court.
  • We provide a free consultation.
  • Many people don’t hire attorneys because they assume the fees and costs are too high. We charge no upfront fees or costs, however, and we only get paid if we recover for you.

Mistakes to Avoid Making

 The biggest mistake you can make is not bringing forward a claim. You want to act quickly when you make your claim. You do not get a second chance to get the justice that you deserve. If you don’t bring a claim, then you cannot get this justice.

Another huge mistake is giving the insurance company a recorded statement. They will be looking to use your words against you. You do not legally have to give the insurance company a statement. They are trained to collect answers from you that may weaken your own case. Instead, you can have your Orlando swimming pool accident lawyers take care of communication with the insurance company for you.

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Contact Norden Leacox today to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with one of our experienced trial lawyers. Let us thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding your swimming pool accident. We will answer any questions you have with no obligation to hire our firm. We can explain and help you understand the available compensation to you under the law and what to expect with the legal process. We will evaluate your insurance policy for free and assist with guidance in dealing with the insurance company. We can help you not only assess your damage but assist with getting it repaired as quick as possible.  If you decide you need our Orlando swimming pool accident lawyers to fight the insurance company to get full compensation for you, they will be there for you.