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7 Mistakes That Ruin Personal Injury Cases

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Understanding Pharmacy Errors

According to the National Patient Safety Foundation, there are over 30 million cases of pharmacy errors.  Many of these mistakes are small, but unfortunately many result in serious permanent injuries or death.  Pharmacists, like any other professional, are responsible for following the doctor’s prescription, which includes proving the correct medication, the correct dosage, and the correct written and verbal instructions. As a patient, you should be able to trust that your pharmacist will dispense the prescriptions just as the doctor ordered.  If you or a family member is the victim of a pharmacy error, you may be entitled to compensation.

Pharmacists make errors for many different reasons, despite the extensive schooling they go through. Some are just careless errors, but others are the product of the environment they put in.  Many times, the pharmacies put profits over safety by failing to spend the time and money on proper training, failing to spend the money on updated equipment, and failing to spend the money to implement proper procedures and protocols.  Also, some pharmacies have incentives for pharmacists to maximize profits by rewarding the pharmacists for speed and customer volume.  This can result in rushing and careless behavior which leads to errors. The Orlando pharmacy error lawyers at Norden Leacox will explore the true cause of the error, as that can make a huge difference in getting full justice for our clients.

The lawyers at Norden Leacox have over 30 years of experience handling personal injury cases and cases involving pharmacy errors.

They will provide you with a free consultation advising you of your legal rights, what courses of action the recommend, and a strategy to try and get your case resolved.  If the case cannot be resolved out of Court, the experienced lawyers of Norden Leacox will file a lawsuit on your behalf, and aggressively represent you in court.

Although most cases settle prior to trial, if the case requires a jury trial, they will present your case to the jury using the many years of experience they have in both defending insurance companies and large corporations, in addition to representing injured people.

Orlando Pharmacy Error Lawyers: Why Choose Norden Leacox

  • We spent many years representing insurance companies, large companies and corporations. We use that experience and inside knowledge of the Defense to benefit you.
  • We have over 30 years’ experience handling personal injury and pharmacy error cases.
  • Pharmacy error cases involve unique issues of law and medicine that the lawyers of Norden Leacox have extensive knowledge of.
  • Our attorneys have the experience in trial and are not afraid to face large companies and corporations in court.
  • We provide a free consultation.
  • Many people don’t hire attorneys because they assume the fees and costs are too high. However, we charge no upfront fees or costs and we only get paid if we recover for you.

Areas Orlando Pharmacy Error Lawyers Typically Investigate

 Pharmacy errors often result in serious and permanent injuries. That’s why the Orlando pharmacy error lawyers of Norden Leacox extensively investigate these types of cases to ensure that we obtain full justice for our clients.

Areas we typically investigate in pharmacy errors include:

  • Licensing of the pharmacist.
  • Pharmacist’s education, training and background.
  • Pharmacies policies and procedures.
  • Verbal and written instructions and warnings provided by the pharmacist.
  • Employment file for the pharmacist.
  • Prior similar incidents at the pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy Computer Records and Notes
  • Prescription from the Doctor
  • Patient’s medical and prescription drug history
  • Pharmacy mixing machines
  • Company policy and procedures and pharmacist incentives

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