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What Role Do Pre-Existing Conditions Play in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Most people know that pre-existing conditions play a part in things like insurance coverage. But do you know what role pre-existing conditions play in a personal injury lawsuit? Reach out to one of our skilled personal injury attorneys if you have additional questions.

Recovering Compensation for Injuries with Prior Health Conditions

Even if you have had prior pain or a prior injury, the law allows you to recover compensation for the aggravation of a previous injury or condition. However, insurance companies do not make it easy. Insurance companies are looking to limit their liability or deny claims because of your prior injury. In addition, insurance companies are well versed in discovering pre-existing conditions and subsequently denying compensation.

At Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law, we have years of prior experience representing large corporations and insurance companies. We are able to use this past inside knowledge to help defend injured individuals against common tactics they may try to use to lessen a settlement amount.

Contact an Attorney if You Were Injured Due to Negligence and Have a Pre-Existing Condition

You do not need to be the perfect Plaintiff to receive fair compensation for your injuries following an incident. If you have prior injuries or chronic conditions, you need an experienced trial attorney on your side to assist you and navigate the common pitfalls.

If you were in a car crash or involved in a slip and fall incident that aggravated a pre-existing injury, contact Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law for help.

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