Motorcycle Accident Cases in Florida

Motorcycle Accident Cases in Florida

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How are motorcycle accident injury cases different from auto accident cases?


Motorcycle accident cases are very different from car accident cases. The first reason they’re very different is, oftentimes, motorcycle accidents result in much more serious injuries because of the nature of riding a motorcycle, the speed at which they often occur, and the type of accidents that typically occur with motorcycles.

The second big reason that motorcycle accident cases are very different from auto accident cases is that many people, especially here in Florida, immediately believe that the motorcycle driver must be at fault for causing the accident— maybe not wholly at fault, but partially at fault or significantly at fault. It’s important to hire a lawyer that has experience with motorcycle cases.

Another reason that motorcycle cases are very different from auto accident cases is that they involve unique facts and unique characteristics that oftentimes need expert witnesses, including accident reconstruction experts, conspicuity experts, human factors experts, experts that can talk about operating motorcycles and the unique vantage points and viewpoints on the roadway.

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