5 Common Negligent Security Mistakes

5 Common Negligent Security Mistakes

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1. Fail to Seek Medical Treatment

Recently, I was having a discussion with some of my friends about the common mistakes made by clients or potential clients with respect to negligent security cases here in Orlando. There are numerous mistakes that can occur, but there are five that are most common. One is failing to seek medical treatment. Obviously, as a plaintiff, you have the burden of proof as to your injuries and damages, and failing to seek treatment prevents that.

2. Delay Seeking Medical Treatment

Number two would be delay in seeking medical treatment or waiting until it gets to the point where it’s so bad that there’s nothing that can be done. This delay can allow the insurance companies to argue your medical treatment was related to something other than the negligent security case.

3. Failure to Follow Medical Advice

Number three is not following their doctor’s medical advice. Insurance companies and defendants like to use that to claim that someone was not injured as seriously as they were because they have gaps in treatment, or they didn’t listen to the doctor when they were told to take time off from work or to go through certain procedures.

4. Delay of Hiring an Attorney

Number four, then, is delaying hiring an attorney. In negligent security cases there are often factors and things involved that need to be preserved and that are likely going to be destroyed within days or weeks of the incident. Once that evidence is gone, it’s gone.

5. Hiring the Wrong Attorney

Finally, number five is hiring the wrong attorney and making the mistake of hiring someone who does not focus on negligent security and personal injury cases. It is extremely important that you hire someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in negligent security cases and prepared to take those cases to trial when the insurance companies do not offer fair and just compensation.

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