Melbourne Car Accident Statistics

Melbourne car accident statistics are typical for a city its size in Florida. Traffic crashes in this city injure or kill thousands of motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists each year. Based on the state’s statistics, these numbers match what you would expect.

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How Norden Leacox Car Accident And Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Auto Accident in Melbourne, FL

How Norden Leacox Car Accident And Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Auto Accident in Melbourne, FL

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Does Melbourne Have a Lot of Car Accidents?

The Florida Crash Dashboard does not give car crash numbers for cities. Instead, it only provides crash numbers for counties. However, since Melbourne forms a metro area with Titusville and Palm Bay, the numbers for Brevard County provide a reliable picture of what happened in the Melbourne metro area.

Brevard County had 9,283 total crashes. These traffic accidents included:

  • 254 pedestrian accidents
  • 274 bicycle accidents
  • 8,755 motor vehicle accidents

The city’s motor vehicle crashes included the following:

Using U.S. Census numbers, Brevard County has 2.8% of Florida’s population. According to the crash dashboard numbers, the county has only 2.3% of the state’s traffic accidents. The statistics also show the Melbourne metro area had 2.8% of the state’s traffic deaths and injuries. In short, the city’s roads are roughly as safe as any other roads in the state.

Melbourne Traffic Accident Statistics

Melbourne’s 9,283 traffic crashes had immeasurable human costs. According to the Florida Crash Dashboard, these crashes included:

  • 96 fatal crashes
  • 4,495 non-fatal injury crashes
  • 4,692 property damage-only crashes

Traffic accidents in the Melbourne metro area resulted in the following:

  • 101 deaths
  • 7,116 non-fatal injuries

These accident victims included:

  • 6,678 injured drivers and passengers
  • 259 injured cyclists
  • 179 injured pedestrians
  • 68 deceased motorists
  • 28 deceased pedestrians
  • 5 deceased cyclists

Although these numbers seem high, they roughly represent what you would expect in a city with Melbourne’s population.

Crash Causes

Crashes in Melbourne tend to happen for only a few reasons. One of the leading causes of car accidents across Florida is distracted driving. Distractions can include any activity that requires the driver to take their hands, eyes, or mind away from driving. A distracted driver may fail to spot road or traffic hazards. They may also lack the time or attention to avoid them.

Speeding is another common cause of crashes. When drivers speed, they increase their risk of losing control of their vehicles. They increase the crash energy, potentially elevating the severity of any injuries that occur.

Failing to yield the right of way is a leading cause of intersection crashes. Impatient, distracted, or careless drivers maneuver through intersections without waiting for the intersection to clear. The resulting crashes can seriously injure or kill the drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists involved.

Crash Locations

The Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization produces a map showing the metro area’s high injury network (HIN). This map shows several crash hotspots. Roads often develop hotspots when dangerous driving behaviors get amplified by traffic congestion and road design.

For example, tailgating and speeding can lead to crashes during the morning and afternoon rush hours because drivers have a smaller margin for error. Similarly, confusing intersections might lead impatient drivers to go through the intersection out of turn, leading to collisions.

Some hotspots in Melbourne where crashes tend to occur include:

  • US-1
  • University Blvd.
  • FL-507/Babcock St. between Melbourne Ave. and University Blvd.
  • US-192 at the fork with New Haven Ave.
  • Intersection of Hibiscus Blvd. and FL-507/Babcock St.
  • Intersection of Dairy Rd. and Edgewood Dr.
  • Intersection of Peaceful Pl. and Soft Breeze Cir.
  • Intersection of Eber Blvd. and FL-507/Babcock St.

These crash hotspots do not just develop in a single year. They have persisted over several years to earn a spot in the HIN.

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