In busy cities like Titusville, bus travel is relatively standard. Utilizing public transportation is an excellent way to save money on gas. Buses are generally reliable, timely, and cost-effective. Unfortunately, this method of getting around is not without its hazards, and accidents happen regularly.

Because buses carry so many passengers and are so much larger and heavier than most other vehicles on the roads, collisions often cause devastating injuries and significant property damage. If a bus crash injured you or your family member, you might be able to pursue compensation with the help of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Contact a Titusville bus accident lawyer at Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation.

Common Causes of Titusville Bus Wrecks

After any motor vehicle accident, it is critical to determine the cause. A seasoned team of Titusville legal specialists can comb through the evidence to determine precisely what happened and who could be to blame for a bus wreck.

Bus Driver Errors

Most of the crashes involving buses involve mistakes made by the driver. These vehicles are more challenging to handle than cars. They have limited mobility, larger blind spots, take longer to come to a complete stop, and make much wider turns. Consequently, accidents involving new and inexperienced bus drivers are common.

Bus drivers can also make the same careless mistakes that other drivers make. Speeding, distracted driving, drunk driving, and reckless lane changes can all lead to accidents.

Maintenance Problems

Some accidents happen due to mechanical problems. A dedicated attorney can review the bus company’s maintenance records to see if the vehicle received regular inspections and repairs. They could also check to see if the bus had any inherently defective automotive parts that could be the subject of a recall.

Third-Party Drivers

Sometimes, a car, truck, or motorcycle driver’s negligence contributes to a bus accident. This might be the case if the other driver failed to follow traffic laws and regulations.

Many times, more than one party bears partial liability. For instance, an injured party might be able to pursue a claim against a reckless bus driver, as well as the driver’s employer.

Types of Bus Crash Injuries

Buses often cause a great deal of destruction when they strike other vehicles. They are capable of crushing small cars or pushing them out of their lanes, frequently resulting in severe injuries. The damages are often much more substantial than in typical automobile crashes. Harm can occur to passengers, occupants of other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Some of the most common injuries from bus wrecks include:

  • Cuts, bruises, and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and back injuries, including spinal cord trauma and paralysis
  • Internal organ trauma
  • Amputations

Sadly, some people involved in bus accidents do not survive. Our compassionate team of Titusville attorneys has secured millions of dollars for clients who have had loved ones or family members killed due to negligent bus drivers or companies.

Work with a Titusville Bus Accident Attorney for the Best Possible Legal Outcome

Bus accidents frequently cause more than just medical problems. In addition to physical harm and injuries, you might also face pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and lost wages. The stress can be overwhelming.

A Titusville bus accident lawyer can help relieve some of that stress by helping you pursue a legal claim for compensation against the people who caused the crash. Contact Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law today to schedule a consultation. There are no up-front fees, and we only collect payment if we successfully win your claim.

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