Everyone puts their faith in medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies to provide safe medications that will make them feel better. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When side effects outweigh the benefits of prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs, the law considers them dangerous and defective.

Drugs and medication go through rigorous testing, and the Federal Drug Administration must approve them before they hit the counters for consumers. Sometimes though, dangerous drugs still make it onto the market and cause undue harm to unsuspecting patients and customers.

If a negligent manufacturer or pharmaceutical company caused harm to you or someone you love, contact a Palm Bay dangerous drugs lawyer to begin working on your claim. Our well-versed personal injury attorneys can help you hold these big companies accountable for their wrongdoings

Winning Settlements against Drug Manufacturers and Pharmaceutical Companies

When the careless actions of drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies lead to undue injuries, illnesses, and deaths, those who sustained damages have a right to hold these negligent parties accountable. Dangerous medication claims are complex and often require a skilled legal professional to successfully navigate.

These corporations have the money to fight against lawsuits. Many times, they and their teams of lawyers will try to argue down the value of a dangerous drugs claim and may offer a low settlement. For this reason, anyone affected by a defective drug should let a trusted Palm Bay lawyer negotiate with liable parties and fight for the justice they deserve in court if necessary.

Types of Dangerous Drug Lawsuits in Palm Bay

Defective medication lawsuits against drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies may fall into one of three categories:

Failure to Warn or Improper Instructions

Failure to warn lawsuits may be filed against drug companies when the manufacturer does not provide adequate warnings of all known side effects and contraindications of a drug. Additionally, drug companies that do not provide adequate instructions or education on a medication’s proper use could be held civilly liable when someone suffers damages as a result.

Drug Manufacturing Defects

When something goes wrong during the production of a drug, such as tainting, the law considers this a defect. When manufacturing defects occur, it usually only affects the drugs in that specific batch.

Medication Design Defects

When a pharmaceutical company uses an inherently defective or dangerous design, correctly manufacturing a drug won’t protect consumers from undue harm. A design defect means an error occurred during the design process. Every iteration of a drug that uses a flawed design will be dangerous and could give rise to a civil lawsuit.

Strict Liability for Dangerous Drugs

Florida Statutes §768.81 allows individuals who suffer harm after taking a defective medication to hold drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies strictly liable for their losses. This means it is only necessary to prove that the harm suffered would not have occurred if it had not been for the unreasonably dangerous drug.

When someone passes away as a result of taking a dangerous drug, state law allows their surviving family to recover compensation on their loved one’s behalf. Our team has 30 years of combined experience representing families in wrongful death cases and can help victims of dangerous drugs recover their damages from liable parties.

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