Consumers should be able to use the products they buy as intended without incident. When manufacturers, designers, or advertisers don’t get things right, severe harm can occur. Product liability lawsuits seek to hold these parties responsible when their negligent actions cause undue harm to consumers.

Our dedicated personal injury attorneys spent years representing big companies in their defense but now use that experience to protect those who have been wrongfully injured. We know the strategies big companies employ to try to avoid paying what they owe. Our experienced Melbourne defective products lawyers can put their expertise to work for you.

Understanding Defective Product Cases

A defective product case is meant to compensate someone for any losses suffered after attempting to use a dangerous item. These cases fall under product liability law and often have the potential to win significant financial compensation for the injured party and their loved ones. In cases of wrongful death, for example, the decedent’s surviving family members can seek compensation for their lost loved one.

Products are supposed to perform as intended and without unreasonable dangers. When this happens, our dedicated team of Melbourne defective product attorneys knows how to analyze the case and prepare a comprehensive strategy for success.

Types of Defective Product Lawsuits

A defective product lawsuit may fall under several categories, each of which requires its own investigation techniques and legal strategies to succeed against.

Product Design Defects

Some products are designed incorrectly and pose an inherent danger to users. This means that, even if built to specification, all iterations of the product will be defective. Design mistakes are usually attributed to the fault of the manufacturer or a separate company hired to design the product. A product liability claim based on an item’s defective design seeks compensation from the negligent designer.

Manufacturing Defects

Product manufacturers should be held responsible for the mistakes they make during an item’s manufacturing process. A product that was designed to be safe could become dangerous because of the way they were made, causing certain iterations of the item to become defective. This can result from employee negligence, defects in the building process, and unsanitary manufacturing conditions.

When companies fail to produce their products correctly, severe harm can result. Our team of attorneys can hold a company responsible for improperly manufacturing a defective product and selling it to unsuspecting consumers.

Failure to Warn Claims

Some products carry a risk, and a company may be held liable for failing to warn consumers of known dangers associated with an item. Products with inherent, reasonable dangers should come with appropriate warnings to allow consumers to make an informed choice.

If the product was used as intended and a known danger harmed the user, the manufacturer may be responsible for reimbursing their losses. A common example of this is a drug company hiding a dangerous medication’s known side effects to increase sales.

If a company negligently or purposefully chooses not to add this warning to increase sales, they may be held financially liable with the help of a Melbourne defective products attorney.

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