Dog Owner Does Not Have Insurance

Dog Owner Does Not Have Insurance

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What if the dog owner doesn’t have insurance?


Dog Owner Does Not Have Insurance In a past case that I handled, we had a situation where the owner of the dog himself did not actually have insurance. What can someone do in that situation? The answer is it’s very important to hire a lawyer to investigate the case in detail. In that particular case, we were able to determine that, while the owner of the dog did not have insurance, they were renting the property and the owner of the property did have insurance. What’s more, the owner of that property was aware that this dog had bitten people in the past. We were able to prove that the landowner who was renting the property to the dog owner had notice that this was a dangerous dog with a vicious propensity to injure others. Most people don’t realize this is an option.

Without the experience and knowledge of a trial lawyer, that case never would have resulted in a recovery for that injured individual. That is why it’s extremely important to reach out and contact a knowledgeable, experienced trial attorney immediately if you are injured in a dog bite case. Please contact us. We’re here to help.


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