Bicycle Accident Case Settlement Timeline

Bicycle Accident Case Settlement Timeline

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How long will my bicycle accident case take to resolve?


Recently, I had a potential client reach out to me, and one of their first questions was, “How long is it going to take to resolve my bicycle accident claim in Orlando?” The simple answer is that it depends. A lot of factors go into how long a case takes. Every case is unique and has its own specific set of facts. It’s going to depend on the extent of the injuries, for one. Minor injury cases can be resolved much quicker than those with serious injuries. We have to evaluate and determine the full extent of the injuries before we can possibly recommend resolving the case for the true value for the client.

Second, if we are forced into litigation and a case ends up going to a jury trial, it can take 18 months, sometimes two years to resolve. More minor incidents of bicycle accidents can likely be resolved in six to eight months from the time that we obtain the case. Again, every case is unique and has its own specific set of facts. That’s why it’s very important to hire a knowledgeable and experienced trial lawyer to look at your case.

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