Cars and trucks are very similar vehicles, except for their size. The mass of “heavy trucks,” as they are known under Florida State law, and the hazardous materials they may be transporting is what makes them so dangerous in the event of a collision.

In a traffic accident, a standard passenger vehicle is entirely at the mercy of an 18-wheeler. The consequences of trucking collisions are often severe and long-lasting for the parties involved.

You may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you suffered during a tractor-trailer collision, but recovering your losses from liable parties might prove difficult without dedicated legal representation. Trucking companies are usually represented by large insurance companies that are determined to undervalue your claim. A Titusville truck accident lawyer can provide the help you need to succeed in a personal injury claim.

Who Can be Held Legally Responsible for a Trucking Accident?

The potentially liable parties for an 18-wheeler collision can make a civil claim complicated, often necessitating the assistance of a Titusville truck accident attorney. A commercial truck operator who engages in negligent behavior and causes an otherwise avoidable accident as a result can be held civilly liable for any ensuing damages.

Because commercial vehicles are owned and operated by trucking companies, however, the trucker is often not the only party who can be found liable for a tractor-trailer collision. Commercial trucks are heavily regulated. Shipping companies must adhere to these regulations, including those governing the weight limit and maintenance of the vehicles, as well as the scheduling of their drivers.

If an accident occurs due to a shipping company’s violation of federal trucking regulations, negligent hiring, or lack of driver training, they may also be held responsible in the event of an accident. However, for a trucking company to be held responsible for a commercial vehicle collision, the driver must have been operating the truck within the official scope of their job duties.

A local attorney can examine the facts of a truck crash case to determine whether one or multiple parties are responsible for an injured person’s losses.

Obtaining Compensation for a Tractor-Trailer Collision

Individuals who are struck by heavy trucks can obtain financial compensation for the economic and non-economic losses they suffer as a result. Examples of recoverable damage after a trucking collision include:

  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Due to the lingering effects of injuries often sustained in trucking accidents, the law allows a successful plaintiff to recover their future medical costs for catastrophic impairments that require ongoing care, as well as estimated future lost wages.

Even when an injured party is entitled to receive compensation, trucking companies and their insurance providers typically do not have any interest in paying the total value of a commercial vehicle accident claim. An experienced litigator in Titusville can offer valuable insight and representation during negotiation talks and, if necessary, the trial phase of a trucking accident case.

Our Titusville Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

Fighting a trucking company, their insurance provider, and their team of lawyers is a tall order for a single person, especially if they are still recovering from their injuries. The knowledge and experience of a Titusville truck accident lawyer can make a substantial difference in your case. Speak with a member of our team about scheduling a consultation and getting help with your tractor-trailer collision claim.

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