While visiting a friend or place of business, you should be able to walk around safely. Unfortunately, many property owners fail to inspect their premises or warn of known dangers. In fact, conditions could become so dangerous that you might get badly hurt. If this is the case, a diligent personal injury attorney may be able to help you recover compensation to get you back on your feet.

These claims are often complicated and are handled best by specialists who have trial experience and inside knowledge of how the defense team operates. Let a well-practiced Titusville premises liability lawyer get to work for you.

What is Premises Liability in Titusville?

Most property owners must exercise reasonable care when allowing others to visit their premises. This duty of care will ultimately depend on the type of visitor and their purpose for being there. When an owner breaches this duty of care and causes an accident and resulting injuries, there could be grounds for taking legal action.


Invitees are those who are invited to a space. They can include persons invited into a home such as friends, family, significant others, et cetera. However, this invitation can also be implied rather than verbally expressed. This is often the case with businesses that are open to the general public, such as retail shops, hotels, movie theaters, or sports arenas.

Invitees earn the highest duty of care because the property owner typically gains something from their presence. This could be the companionship from a loved one visiting or the revenue earned from customers in a grocery store. Invitees have the right to reasonable inspections and appropriate warnings of known dangers on the property to help protect them from harm.


Unlike invitees, licensees are those permitted on a property for their own benefit and not that of the property owner. This could be an individual who stops in a store solely to use the restroom, a neighbor who comes by unannounced, a fisherman who is permitted to use a property free of charge, and more. A property owner is mandated to warn of known dangers, but their obligations are less than that owed to invitees.


Trespassers are individuals who are not permitted on the property and are violating the property owner’s rights by being there. They are afforded almost no protections. However, property owners cannot purposely injure individuals just for trespassing.

Unique Law for Transitory Foreign Substances

Florida Statutes § 768.0755 is an interesting law that sets a different standard for transitory foreign substances. This is a legal term that refers to liquid spills on the floor. Specific proof is required in these cases before a property owner may be liable for the slip and fall accident. This includes proving elements such as:

  • The dangerous situation existed for such a time that the property owner should have been aware of it
  • Proof that the foreign substance occurs regularly and the owner should have known about it because of this foreseeability

This unique aspect of the law is important because so many accidents occur because of spills. These accidents are especially prevalent in restaurants and grocery stores. If such an incident occurs in the Titusville area, an attorney who specializes in premises liability would be the best option for recovering the full amount of potential damages.

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