Unfortunately, dog bites and other examples of animal attacks are common events that can leave you with painful injuries. Depending on the severity of your harm, a dog bite could also limit your ability to earn a living and reduce your overall quality of life.

A Titusville dog bite lawyer can help you pursue compensation following a canine attack. Our talented personal injury attorneys will work diligently to show that a dog’s owner was responsible for allowing the event to occur and measure how your injuries and losses have impacted your life. Reach out to Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law today to begin reviewing the details of your case.

Rules Regarding Dog Bite Cases in Florida

The law in Florida clearly places responsibility for most dog bites on the owners of those animals. Specifically, Florida Statute § 767.04 says that a dog’s owner is liable for any damages that occur due to the dog’s behavior on both private land and in public spaces.

However, this does not mean that pet owners do not have potential defenses in dog attack cases. The same statute allows owners to place warning signs on their private property alerting visitors to the potentially dangerous nature of their animal. This is called the “Bad Dog” rule and allows owners to avoid the presumption of fault for dog attacks that occur on their land.

Similar rules apply when a dog bite is the result of an injured party’s supposed taunting of the animal. Dogs have the right to defend themselves and protect their property from trespassers. As a result, a dog owner may allege that an attack was the product of self-defense. A Titusville attorney can provide further information about the state’s dog bite laws and work to prove that an owner is legally liable for the incident.

Negligent Dog Owners Must Provide Compensation Following an Attack

While showing that a dog’s owner was responsible for an attack is a vital part of any case, it is far from the only thing that an injured person must be able to demonstrate. They also carry the burden of proving to what extent the event has impacted their life.

A liable owner must provide compensation for the full extent of a person’s losses. These typically include medical bills, reimbursement of lost wages, and even compensation for emotional trauma. A Titusville dog bite attorney can work to understand and gather evidence to support the many ways that the attack has impacted the injured party. In some instances, this may involve consulting with experts to place a proper value on the financial impact of future medical treatment.

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Dog owners have a requirement to keep their animals under control. Even so, while the law can presume a dog owner’s responsibility for an attack, the owner has  many potential defenses against liability.

A Titusville dog bite lawyer from Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law can help. Our team will explain the relevant laws, obtain any necessary evidence, measure your losses, and demand that liable dog owners provide fair compensation after an attack occurs. If we fail to recover compensation for you, there is no fee for our services. Reach out to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can put our many years of experience to work for you.

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