When people move to Florida, one of the things they look forward to most is spending time out on the water. With nice weather almost year-round, residents of Titusville can take advantage of the climate and spend a lot of time out on their boats. However, with so many vessels in the waters, accidents occasionally occur, resulting in injuries and fatalities.

A Titusville boat accident lawyer understands the physical, emotional, and financial devastation these incidents can cause and can help you pursue compensation from the at-fault party. Consider setting up a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys to discuss the details of the collision and learn more about your legal options.

Types of Boating Accidents that Occur in Titusville

Different types of accidents occur every year out on the waters. Most commonly, people suffer injuries due to:

  • Collisions with other boats
  • Flooding
  • Capsizing
  • Grounding
  • Collisions with fixed objects such as docks
  • Collisions with swimmers
  • Fires on board a vessel
  • Falling overboard

Our Titusville attorneys have had extensive experience successfully helping survivors of all types of boating incidents. They understand the physical and emotional trauma that follows these events and work diligently and carefully to minimize the stress on injured individuals if they decide to proceed with a legal claim.

Common Causes of Boat Crashes

Often, boating accidents are preventable and occur as a direct result of negligent or reckless behavior. Our team of Titusville attorneys specializes in watercraft accidents and can investigate the details of a particular incident to determine who was responsible.


Many boaters treat operating a boat too casually. Instead of learning how to handle their vessel, they spend time packing it full of food and drinks. Many boating crashes occur because the operator does not know how to operate their watercraft safely.


Many boat operators find themselves distracted by their passengers or the beautiful scenery. They fail to look out for what is ahead. When operators are inattentive to their duties, collisions and grounding can happen.


Many boaters take advantage of the open waters to go unnecessarily fast. However, too much speed makes it harder to control a vessel. Excessive speed can lead to capsizing and crashing into other watercraft or objects.

Machinery Problems

Boat owners must ensure their vessels are safe and regularly inspect their boats to look for potential problems. They should also perform preventative maintenance to keep them in operational order. If an equipment failure occurs on the water, collisions, capsizing, and fires could occur.

A skilled attorney could investigate whether the malfunction occurred because of a defective boat part or a lack of maintenance.

Poor Weather Conditions

Hazardous weather can lead to rough water and dangerous boating conditions. In bad weather, boats can capsize, flood, or run aground. Although vessel operators cannot be responsible for the weather, they can be accountable for their actions in sub-optimal operating conditions.

Let a Titusville Boat Accident Attorney Assist You in Recovering Damages

Boating accidents frequently lead to life-altering circumstances. You might have to endure painful medical procedures, and depending on the accident’s severity, your body might never fully recover.

Let a tenacious Titusville boat accident lawyer help you. Our attorneys understand your pain and will work tirelessly to help you get what you need to help you recover. We pride ourselves in charging no upfront fees and only making money if you do. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to learn more.

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