Most parents try to ensure their children are always safe. They might research the safest car seats and other infant products or investigate to ensure that their child’s caregiver or daycare provider is appropriately qualified. Unfortunately, parents cannot shield their children from every danger, and kids sometimes get hurt.

Serious childhood injuries can interfere with a child’s development. When somebody else’s actions or inactions cause your child to suffer significant harm, you should take the time to meet with a Palm Bay child injury lawyer. We can help you hold the at-fault party responsible and are not afraid to fight on behalf of your family. Reach out to Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law today to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to get started.

Different Ways a Child can Suffer an Injury

Because children are typically more naïve and less coordinated than adults, kids can suffer injuries in a variety of circumstances. Most commonly, serious childhood injuries occur after the following:

Our compassionate Palm Bay attorneys have had success with a wide range of childhood injury claims. We can take the lead in analyzing the details of an incident to determine how it happened, who is at fault, and how to present the available evidence in a way that leaves no doubt as to the extent of your family’s damages.

Steps to Take if a Child Suffers an Injury

When a child suffers a serious injury in an accident, their parents or caregivers must take immediate action to help them. The steps taken in the moments, days, and weeks after an incident could help protect a child’s health, safety, and future.

Medical Attention

The first step should always be to get the child immediate medical attention from qualified emergency medical technicians or their primary care doctor. Even if the child does not show obvious signs of serious illness, a doctor should still evaluate them. Some injuries appear later, and some are not visible to an untrained eye, such as internal injuries. In addition, young children cannot always convey where they are in pain or what is wrong.

Report the Accident

Parents should report the accident to the appropriate authorities whenever applicable. For example, if a child suffered an injury in a car crash, the parents should notify the police. If the child suffered an injury due to an unsafe product, such as a toy, the parents should inform the appropriate consumer safety agency.

Gather Evidence

Parents should try to gather and secure as much evidence as possible after an accident. Some examples might include taking photos of injuries and where the incident occurred or getting contact information from witnesses or those involved in the event, such as daycare employees.

Our dedicated child injury attorneys in Palm Bay have many years of prior experience representing insurance companies and large corporations. We can use this past knowledge to be better prepared for the tactics that insurers of the responsible person or entity may try to use to avoid liability.

Contact a Palm Bay Child Injury Attorney

Kids are particularly vulnerable to suffering injuries. When someone is careless or reckless, and your child suffers the consequences, that person should be legally responsible for the losses your family might face.

A hardworking Palm Bay child injury lawyer can fight hard to protect your child’s legal rights. Although many people are afraid to hire lawyers because they think the cost will be too high, our firm charges no upfront fees. We only get paid if we recover compensation for you. Contact our team today to begin reviewing the details of your case.

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