When a property owner neglects their land and puts you in harm’s way, you may sustain serious injuries in an otherwise preventable slip and fall accident. Fortunately, the State of Florida gives injured parties the means to fight for compensation after a trip and spill incident on someone else’s property. A Melbourne slip and fall lawyer can help you through every stage of the personal injury claims process and protect your rights and potential compensation along the way.

How to Classify a Slip and Fall Accident

Property owners are expected to keep their land in good order, putting up signs or otherwise directing visitors away from dangerous hazards that cannot be remedied in a timely manner. Those who fail to protect their invitees’ best interests could be subject to civil penalties in the event of a slip and fall accident caused by property hazards.

For example, if someone slips and falls on a public sidewalk that has not been maintained properly, local government could be liable for their ensuing damages. The losses someone may suffer as the result of a tripping and falling accident can include significant injuries, property damage, or a combination thereof. A trusted Melbourne attorney could help you better understand your legal options after a slip and fall accident.

What Compensation Can Slip and Fall Accident Victims Obtain?

Trip and fall accidents can have serious consequences for those involved. At best, someone may walk away from these accidents with a broken phone. At worst, slip and fall accidents can result in catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

A person injured in a slip and fall accident may be entitled to compensation for their economic and non-economic losses. Examples of economic losses include any medical expenses and property damage incurred as a result of a tripping and falling accident. In the case of catastrophic slip and fall injuries, it may be necessary to calculate someone’s future medical expenses.

Non-economic losses do not have specific dollar values and instead must be assigned value in court. Specifically, the injured party can work with a Melbourne slip and fall attorney to estimate an appropriate amount of compensation to cover their pain and suffering, humiliation, and emotional trauma. When someone passes away in a severe trip and spill incident due to someone else’s negligence, their surviving family members may file a wrongful death claim and recover compensation for the loss of their loved one.

Filing Deadlines for Trip and Fall Claims

Anyone injured in a slip and fall accident has only four years to file a civil complaint with a Florida court, according to the statute of limitations outlined in Florida Statute §95.11. Claims filed after the expiration of this deadline risk being dismissed. A local attorney can help injured parties file their claims within the statute of limitations to protect their right to compensation.

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