Children are among the most vulnerable members of society. As a result, many property owners, school officials, and youth group leaders have an increased duty to protect them. If they fail to provide this protection and a child suffers an injury, that individual or entity may be liable to provide compensation. Children have the same rights as adults to demand payments for their losses in common personal injury scenarios, including dog bites, slips and falls, or car accidents.

A Melbourne child injury lawyer is dedicated to protecting the rights of children and families. Our team will then gather the evidence needed to show a defendant’s fault and seek out the fair compensation that your child deserves. Contact our office today to speak with a compassionate personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury Claims Involving Children

Kids have the same right as adults to demand compensation from negligent defendants. In fact, special laws create enhanced duties to protect children in certain situations. This is especially relevant in situations where a child may suffer an injury in a similar way to an adult. If we examine an example of a car accident where both a parent and child suffer harm due to an individual running a red light, the age of the plaintiff is irrelevant to this analysis.

In many cases, there may be a heightened duty of care. For example, a store owner should know that children are more likely to be careless around temporary hazards and may be unable to read to follow signs advising caution. A Melbourne child injury attorney could help the parents of injured children to evaluate the scenario that caused harm to their child to discover who is at fault. It is important to begin this process as soon as possible since Florida Statute § 95.11 places a time limit of four years on cases following most injuries.

Injuries that Apply Specifically to Children

Many examples of personal injuries are unlikely to affect anyone but children. For instance, children are likely to be the only people riding a school bus aside from the driver. Bus drivers, as well as the school district, assume a duty to protect those children while they are in their care. If a driver is negligent in causing an accident and a child suffers an injury because of it, the driver, insurance company, and district may all be legally responsible.

Children may also endure injuries because of the criminal acts of others. Unfortunately, the abuses of coaches, teachers, religious figures, and other mentors have become prevalent. A child injury attorney in Melbourne is ready to pursue cases that apply specifically to kids and hold the figures who are responsible accountable for their actions.

Let a Melbourne Child Injury Attorney Fight for Your Family

Whenever a child experiences an injury, it can affect an entire family. That child may require extensive medical treatment, may suffer emotional trauma, and could miss out on time in school or other activities. Children and their parents have the right to demand compensation to make up for these losses.

A Melbourne child injury lawyer can help injured children and their families to understand these laws and to pursue at-fault defendants for the payments needed to set things right. Our team has decades of previous experience representing companies that deal with children and is familiar with their typical excuses to avoid responsibility. Your consultation is free, and if we do not recover compensation for your child, there is no cost to you. Reach out to us today to discover more.

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