With its easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian River, and other bodies of water close by, Melbourne, Florida is a great place to own and use a boat. However, other boaters could take a fun activity and turn it into a catastrophe. Their negligence could be the reason your boat was damaged, you were injured, and your life has been changed forever. Extremely serious injuries can occur—including the high possibility of a drowning death.

To seek monetary damages after your boat accident, work with a Melbourne boat accident lawyer. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have secured millions of dollars for plaintiffs who have been injured or lost a loved one to another person’s negligence.

Defining a Boat Accident Claim

The phrase “boat accident” is actually intended to be a catch-all phrase for many kinds of watercraft accidents. The term “boat” for this purpose could include jet skis, canoes, fishing boats, yachts, and so much more. If an accident occurred on or because of a watercraft, the claim likely fits within this category.

Accidents on and near the water are uniquely dangerous. They also require an attorney who understand the specific laws that may apply to a boating accident claim. Some are governed by ordinary state law while others may be covered by maritime law. A boat accident attorney in Melbourne needs to be able to handle the case with the appropriate law in order to properly support the plaintiff.

How to Prove Negligence in a Boat Accident

Boat operators are required to know and abide by state laws governing these motor vehicles, including operating them with reasonable care in order to avoid causing harm to others. This can include passengers, other boaters, and even those on the shore or docks. Each boater is expected to use reasonable care in the same way that drivers on the road must do.

A person harmed by another boater’s negligence has to prove how the accident occurred, and how the other party failed to follow boating rules or an ordinary duty of care. Common reasons for boating accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Hitting other boats, the dock, or running into the shore
  • Violating posted speed limits
  • Making dangerous wakes
  • Traveling through swim only zones
  • Boating while intoxicated
  • Damaging other peoples’ property

These are only a few of countless potential causes of boat accidents. If a person’s wrongful acts caused the accident, let an experienced team of boat injury attorneys in Melbourne prepare the case and fight for compensation.

How to Investigate a Boat Accident to Prove a Claim

Once a boating accident occurs, the injured party must find a lawyer to investigate the case. This will help identify the facts needed to prove the case and win financial compensation. Legal counsel will investigate by:

  • Reading law enforcement reports
  • Viewing recordings of the incident
  • Taking testimony from eyewitnesses
  • Reading insurance reports
  • Taking depositions
  • Using accident reconstruction techniques

These investigative techniques, and others, may be employed to find the evidence needed to prove the case.

Seek Compensation with a Melbourne Boat Accident Attorney

Our attorneys are ready to put our decades of experience to work for you. A boating accident can result in dangerous injuries, high medical costs, and extreme stress. When the accident is someone else’s fault, you have the right to seek remuneration for the losses you suffered.

We have experience in trial law and are not afraid to face large corporations or insurance companies for our clients. Contact a Melbourne boat accident lawyer today for the help you deserve.

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