Violent crime has been on the rise in many places around the country. Unfortunately, the number of robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders continues to be a serious problem for many communities. These incidents often leave survivors with more than just physical wounds. They also leave emotional scars that can affect them throughout the rest of their lives. The cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation associated with violent attacks also affects an individual’s financial situation.

The people who carry out these negative acts might not be the only liable parties. Many of these attacks happen because of a property owner’s negligence in providing adequate security measures. A hard-working Cocoa negligent security lawyer can consult with you to see if you have legal grounds to file a lawsuit against the people who failed to provide a safe environment. Contact our firm today to speak with an experienced premises liability attorney.

Explaining How Negligent Security Claims Work

Negligent security claims involve premises liability law. Under the theory of premises liability, when a person sustains an injury on another person’s property, they can file a legal claim against the property’s owner or caretaker. Florida law requires homeowners or business owners to provide a reasonably safe environment for guests, customers, visitors, tenants, and other people who legally visit their properties. While the property owner cannot guarantee the safety of everyone who enters their property, they should ensure that there are no known or foreseeable risks.

In a negligent security claim, an injured individual could argue that inadequate security contributed to the foreseeable risk of a violent act occurring. For instance, faulty locks, lack of deadbolts, and poor lighting could all lead to an attack. The injured party could argue that the criminal action that caused them harm would not have occurred if the landowner had acted responsibly and followed reasonable precautionary measures to safeguard them against foreseeable dangers.

Because this area of law is often complicated, working with a seasoned attorney could significantly impact the outcome of a case. Our trusted negligent security attorneys in Cocoa have experience in trial and are not afraid to face large companies, corporations, and insurance companies on behalf of our clients.

How Can an Attorney Help with a Negligent Security Claim?

Our qualified legal team can take the lead in investigating an attack to look for evidence of inadequate security to see if a reasonable property owner should have been able to anticipate that a criminal act could occur. To accomplish this, we can review the police records for the building in question and the surrounding area to see if there is a history of frequent criminal behavior. Additionally, our hard-working Cocoa attorneys can also work closely with security experts who can determine if the landowner’s precautionary measures are considered adequate within industry standards.

Most importantly, our team will focus on all the legal aspects of pursuing compensation for your losses so that you are able to put your efforts into recovering. We can even make sure you are receiving appropriate medical care for your injuries and shield you from the tactics of insurance companies who may try to get you to make a mistake that would allow them to deny your claim.

Contact a Cocoa Negligent Security Attorney

If you survived a violent crime or lost a family member due to a criminal attack, you might be able to seek justice from the owner of the property where the incident occurred. A dedicated Cocoa negligent security lawyer can fight for your rights.

Our legal team charges no upfront costs or fees and only gets paid if we are successful in winning you compensation. Call Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law today to arrange a free consultation.

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