One of the most common medical malpractice claims involves medication errors. People suffer daily from drug errors made by physicians or healthcare providers. When a doctor prescribes someone the wrong medication, it can have serious consequences, including injuries and damage to the patient’s long-term health.

Healthcare professionals are legally obligated to provide the correct medication and dosage. Failure to follow the standard of care can necessitate a medical malpractice claim.

When you suffer injuries due to a prescription mistake, our hardworking medical malpractice attorneys with Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law can help you hold the responsible medical provider accountable for their negligence. Contact a Cocoa medicaton error lawyer today to discuss your legal rights and options.

What Are Examples of Medication Errors?

Various types of medication errors occur in the healthcare field. The most common include the following:

  • Improper dosage: Providing the proper dosage is crucial for the patient’s safety when treating medical conditions. When the provider administers the wrong dosage to the patient, it results in serious complications.
  • Wrong medication: Likewise, prescribing the wrong medication to the patient can have serious or even deadly consequences. Taking the incorrect medicine could worsen the patient’s condition or create a harmful interaction with other medications.
  • Harmful interaction of medications: Some medications have harmful interactions with other drugs. The doctor must understand the potential impact of prescribing multiple medications to the patient.
  • Mislabeling: When the provider prescribes medication, the patient trusts that it is properly labeled. If mislabeled, the patient could consume the wrong medication or dosage.
  • Allergic reaction: Patients all respond to medication differently. When prescribing a medication, the doctor must be careful not to prescribe a drug that could give the patient an allergic reaction; failure to do so could breach the standard of care.

Healthcare professionals have a legal duty to prescribe medication to patients properly. Age, gender, weight, allergies, other medicines, and previous medical history are all relevant factors when determining what medication to prescribe to someone. When a patient experiences a prescription drug error, a knowledgeable attorney in Cocoa evaluates the circumstances and builds a case against the responsible healthcare professional.

Who is Responsible for Medication Errors in Florida?

Prescribing medication involves doctors, nurses, and other medical providers. Moreover, pharmacists are responsible for labeling and dosing medication. Therefore, multiple parties could be responsible for a medication mistake. Consider hiring a dedicated lawyer in Cocoa when pursuing a case for a drug error. Our legal representatives identify liable parties and fight to get the injured person the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

A Trusted Medication Error Attorney in Cocoa Can Help

You can seek compensation through a malpractice lawsuit when you get hurt because of a medication error. Hiring a competent attorney is crucial when considering legal action for a medication error. Many healthcare professionals attempt to settle with the injured person to avoid litigation. You should consult a Cocoa medication error lawyer before accepting a settlement.

Our trusted legal professionals at Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law work with you to recover damages for your injuries or losses related to the drug mistake. We also gather evidence and obtain the necessary expert witnesses to ensure you are compensated fairly. Contact our office to discuss your legal rights after suffering an injury due to medical malpractice.

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