Even with all the advancements in modern medical science, doctors still do not understand much about how the brain works and what effects external trauma can have on its function. Unfortunately, this means that people who suffer traumatic brain damage in accidents often experience permanent losses of cognitive, sensory, or motor function.

If someone else’s misconduct has left you or a family member dealing with permanent brain damage, speaking with a Cocoa traumatic brain injury (TBI) lawyer about your legal options should be a priority. Cases like this are typically extremely valuable and require substantial evidence from multiple sources. Building a claim that produces a successful final result can be virtually impossible without a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney’s help. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

Identifying Moderate to Severe TBI

Traumatic brain damage can manifest in uniquely different ways from one person to another, even if it seems like they suffered relatively similar trauma. Some people with life-altering or even life-threatening damage done to their brains may not experience obvious symptoms in the days immediately following their accident, and sometimes there may be no symptoms whatsoever.

Because of that, it is vital for anyone who believes they sustained any head or neck trauma in an accident to immediately seek professional medical attention so they can ensure any serious harm can be addressed appropriately. This can be even more vital for individuals experiencing any of the following symptoms after an accident:

  • Significant changes in behavior or mood
  • Difficulty speaking, moving, or waking from sleep
  • Clear fluid drainage from the ears or nose
  • Uneven dilation of pupils
  • Persistent or worsening headaches, nausea, or vomiting
  • Numbness or weakness in extremities
  • Any loss of consciousness longer than one minute

A capable Cocoa traumatic brain injury attorney can help factor all medical bills and expenses into a comprehensive civil claim, including future costs not yet paid at the time of filing. Our attorneys used to represent large insurance companies and can use this prior knowledge to better advocate on behalf of injured parties.

Seeking Comprehensive Compensation Within Filing Deadlines

Because traumatic brain damage often has permanent consequences, the purpose of an ensuing civil lawsuit or settlement often must be to improve the injured party’s future quality of life rather than to completely restore their pre-accident condition. With that in mind, it can be crucial to seek recovery not just for objective financial losses like missed work income and costs of in-home assistance but also for various subjective and personal losses. Such as lost consortium, lost enjoyment of life, physical and psychological pain, and so on.

Even if a TBI will have lifelong repercussions, an injured person typically has no more than four years after initially sustaining harm to start any lawsuit they intend to file, per Florida Statutes § 95.11(3). Anyone in Cocoa who fails to start their traumatic brain injury claim within this statute of limitations will almost always be barred from ever getting any compensation for that particular injury, even with the help of a skilled attorney.

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Serious brain injuries can have catastrophic effects on people of any age. They can also serve as grounds for an injury claim after an accident. However, if you try to pursue such a claim without capable legal counsel on your side, you are likely to have a difficult time getting anywhere close to the amount of compensation you deserve for all your losses.

A Cocoa traumatic brain injury lawyer will be your ally from start to finish of your legal proceedings, both in and out of court. Our team can ensure you meet the proper filing deadlines, assemble all the necessary evidence, and examine the details of your case to understand how the impact of your injuries has affected your life. We charge no up-front fees and only make money if we successfully recover compensation for you. Learn more by calling Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law today.

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