A car crash can be a life-altering experience. An accident can leave you with catastrophic injuries that require hospitalization and long-term treatment. This could potentially cause you to miss time from work or even lose your job. When a car wreck occurs because of another driver’s negligence, you should not have to cover all the costs alone. You deserve to have a dedicated personal injury attorney on your side who will fight for your best interests.

If you sustained severe injuries in an automobile collision because of a negligent driver, contact a Cocoa car accident lawyer to discuss your case. Our compassionate legal team has extensive experience with auto wreck cases and will only get paid if we recover compensation for you. Reach out to Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law to learn more.

No-Fault Car Insurance Laws

Cocoa is a “no-fault” insurance jurisdiction. The state’s “no-fault” law means that after a car accident, regardless of fault, every party will turn to their own policy to cover the first $10,000 of their medical expenses and/or lost wages. State law requires that everyone has personal injury policy (PIP) coverage. However, PIP claims do have specific requirements, like medical treatment first occurring within 14 days of the crash, and they will not cover non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

Individuals who experience serious injury due to another party’s negligence deserve compensation for the full extent of their suffering. A seasoned Cocoa car accident attorney could help someone pursue a legal action against the at-fault party after an accident.

Steps to Take after a Car Wreck in Cocoa

After an automobile accident, it is critical to seek medical attention immediately. A doctor can assess, treat, and document injuries. Proper documentation is crucial for pursuing a negligence lawsuit, as it illustrates the extent of someone’s suffering caused by the at-fault party’s negligence. Seeking medical care in a timely manner is also vital because no-fault laws in the state require a person to seek medical attention within 14 days of an accident to receive PIP benefits.

Those involved in vehicle crashes should also avoid speaking to insurance adjusters until they have consulted with an attorney. Insurance company representatives will often try to get victims to take at least partial responsibility for the accident to minimize or eliminate the potential payout for damages. Our skilled team of Cocoa car crash attorneys is not afraid to take on insurance companies on behalf of clients and could ensure that those injured in car accidents are treated fairly.

Pursuing Legal Options

After seeking treatment for injuries, a person’s next step should be reaching out to a seasoned local attorney. The cost of an accident may exceed what is covered by insurance, and a lawyer could help an individual explore their legal options for recovering damages.

Statute of Limitations

Florida Statutes Annotated § 95.11(3) allows a person four years after an auto accident to file a claim for injuries with the court. If the injured party fails to file a claim within that period, they may lose the right to seek compensation for damages. If there is a loss of life in an auto accident, the survivors of the family and the estate will have just two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit with the court.

It is essential to act swiftly after a vehicle wreck. Reaching out to a knowledgeable Cocoa lawyer as soon as possible after an automobile accident gives the attorney ample time to collect evidence and build a strong case.

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If you or a loved one endured severe injury in a car crash, you may feel confused about what you should do next. You may be dealing with severe pain, lost wages, outrageous medical bills, and emotional distress. You do not have to face all of this alone.

An experienced Cocoa car accident lawyer understands that every wreck is unique and could help protect your rights while working for the justice and compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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