Riding on a commercial or public bus is generally a safe and efficient way to get around town or travel long distances without a personal vehicle. However, bus drivers and the people who employ them are just as susceptible to being negligent as anyone else on the road. Unfortunately, this can lead to motor vehicle collisions and other accidents that cause serious harm to multiple people at once.

There are numerous regulations and restrictions set by state law that apply exclusively to claims regarding bus crashes, so having a qualified personal injury attorney’s assistance while pursuing one is crucial. By retaining a Cocoa bus accident lawyer, you can substantially increase your chances of achieving the best possible legal outcome in your circumstances and maximizing any compensation that is awarded. Call our office to find out more.

What Damages Are Recoverable After a Bus Accident?

Both economic and non-economic forms of harm can be incorporated into an injury case based on a bus accident, including:

  • Short-term and long-term medical bills
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Personal property damage, including vehicle repair/replacement costs
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost work income or working capacity
  • Lost consortium or enjoyment of life

A court may impose additional punitive damages, but only if the injured individual can establish with “clear and convincing evidence” that the named defendant(s) displayed gross negligence or engaged in intentionally malicious conduct. As a Cocoa bus wreck attorney can further explain, there may also be caps imposed on the maximum recovery that a single plaintiff can receive from a lawsuit against a state or local government entity.

Rules for Pursuing Bus Accident Litigation

Florida has a “no-fault” system in place regarding financial recovery after any automobile accidents, including collisions involving buses, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In a nutshell, a bus accident victim’s first means of recourse following their incident usually must be a claim filed against their automotive insurance policy if they have one. This should provide restitution for certain out-of-pocket expenses like medical bills and car repair costs.

Any damages not covered by a personal injury protection plan could be factored into a claim against the at-fault bus driver, transportation company, or another third party. In the latter scenario, Florida Statutes § 95.11(3) sets a statute of limitations of four years after the filing party sustained harm for them to start the civil litigation process.

However, if the defendant, in this case, is a public entity, much shorter deadlines may apply. For this reason, support from a seasoned attorney is especially vital following a public bus accident in Cocoa. Our team has over 30 years of experience taking claims to trial and recovering compensation for wrongfully injured individuals. We can put that knowledge to use to seek the best possible legal outcome within the appropriate timeframe.

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Moving on from a traumatic accident can be complicated under any circumstances. If such an incident left you with serious injuries, the most proactive and essential thing you could do might be to pursue comprehensive civil litigation against the person or people to blame for the harm you have sustained.

In this situation, a Cocoa bus accident lawyer is a vital and irreplaceable ally for anyone looking to enforce their legal rights. Our firm is not afraid to stand up against large companies on your behalf, and we do not charge any fees unless we successfully recover compensation for you. Schedule a consultation by calling Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law today.

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