For many people, a home is their most valuable possession. Retaining a thorough and comprehensive homeowners’ insurance policy is essential for protecting this vital asset. Lending companies require you to have this protection as a prerequisite for obtaining a mortgage, and state law requires policies as protection against both property damage and liability for accidents.

Sadly, the companies that provide homeowners’ insurance do not always treat their customers fairly. They may deny seemingly legitimate claims for various reasons, leaving you frustrated and responsible for paying the costs of all necessary repairs. A Titusville homeowners’ insurance claims lawyer will help you fight for what is right. Our diligent personal injury attorneys will work to analyze your current insurance policy, determine the cause of a claim denial, and demand that insurers provide the benefits outlined in their contracts according to state law.

Homeowners’ Insurance Policies as Examples of Contracts

Homeowners’ insurance policy providers may deny claims for many reasons: e.g., they may allege that a policyholder was not current on premium payments, or reject a claim citing damages’ not being covered under the terms of the policy.

These denials fall under the umbrella of contract law. In essence, insurance policies are contracts where a provider agrees to award payment in case of a covered loss. Homeowners who believe that a failure to pay benefits after a loss is illegal may have the right to demand enforcement of a contract through a civil lawsuit. A Titusville homeowners’ insurance claims attorney can analyze the content of a policy or a denial letter to determine if a breach of contract has occurred. If so, Norden Leacox Accident and Injury Law are prepared to demand enforcement of that contract through negotiations and lawsuits.

Our team has an extensive history of representing insurance companies. This inside knowledge gives us a unique understanding of the tactics they often use to avoid payouts. We are not afraid to stand up to these large companies in court and fight on behalf of your best interests.

State Law Requires Insurance Companies to Act in Good Faith

Homeowners who have received a denial on a claim may have another option under state law. The insurance industry must comply with a collection of rules that prohibit deceptive and unfair trade practices. More specifically, Florida Statute § 624.155 defines a collection of business practices that violate the law. These include:

  • Knowingly misrepresenting facts about a claim to a client
  • Failing to respond promptly to a client’s communication
  • Not imposing proper procedures for investigating claims
  • Failing to offer a fair settlement when liability is reasonably clear

Consulting with a homeowners’ insurance claims attorney can help property owners in Titusville determine if an insurer has violated this essential law.

Reach Out to a Titusville Homeowners’ Insurance Claims Attorney

Every insurance company that issues homeowners’ insurance policies must administer those policies in good faith. Under state law, this includes providing accurate information to customers, providing prompt communication, properly investigating claims, and offering fair settlements when liability becomes clear. Unfortunately, homeowners’ insurance providers do not always comply with these requirements. This may result in policyholders receiving denials of claims, or settlement offers that do not adequately cover their losses.

Speak with a Titusville homeowners’ insurance claims lawyer today. Our attorneys can explain your rights under the law, evaluate the language of your policy, and negotiate on your behalf with stubborn insurance companies. Give us a call now to schedule a free consultation. If we fail to recover compensation for you or to enforce the terms of your insurance policy, there is no fee for our services.

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