Children who suffer personal injuries have the same right to seek compensation as adults. Similarly, parties who cause injuries to children through either negligence or intentional acts of violence have an obligation under the law to provide these payments. Still, collecting damages requires proving that another party caused an injury and demonstrating the extent of a child’s trauma.

A Titusville child injury lawyer can help your family collect the payments you deserve following an accident. Our caring personal injury attorneys take the lead to prove fault for the incident, determine how the event has impacted a child, and demand proper compensation in and out of court. We also help parents navigate the special rules that apply to cases involving minor children. Call to schedule a consultation today.

Pursuing Personal Injury Cases on Behalf of Injured Children

Children are just as susceptible to many of the hazards that may result in personal injuries as adults. Children ride in cars, visit the property of others, use consumer products, and visit doctors and other medical providers. A child injury attorney in Titusville can help pursue cases that center around:

Unfortunately, children are also vulnerable to injuries that are specific to minors. They may suffer harm resulting from school bus incidents. They could also fall prey to the negligent actions of teachers, coaches, or caregivers.

At Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law, our team can take the lead in gathering the evidence necessary to prove that another party was responsible for a child’s trauma. We also work to place a dollar value on the injured minor’s experiences to bring them fair compensation.

Special Rules That Apply to Child Injury Cases

Many injury cases end with an insurance settlement without bringing the case to court. However, for cases involving children, every claim must receive a court’s approval.

Per Florida Statute § 744.387, a court will hold a special session to evaluate the proposed settlement involving a child. A judge will examine the case to determine whether the child’s best interests are protected under the agreement.

In addition, the court may order special provisions to go into effect depending upon the settlement amount. If the settlement carries a value of $15,000 or less, the court often will release the funds directly to a parent or guardian. For cases of greater value, the court must appoint a special guardian to protect the child’s legal rights. A Titusville child injury attorney can provide more information about insurance settlements and state law concerning the protection of a child’s settlement funds.

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As parents, it can be challenging to deal with the aftermath of your child’s injury. Not only will he or she require medical attention, but also may take a significant effort to return their life to a place of comfort and stability. Pursuing an injury case on behalf of your child could bring the compensation necessary to help make that recovery easier. A Titusville child injury lawyer is ready to fight for you.

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