Many injuries are serious events that require your attention. However, most people are fortunate in that they will eventually make a full recovery from these incidents and be able to move on with their lives as usual. Sadly, injuries to the spinal cord may not fit into this category. Damage to this vital organ may be permanent. As a result, any demand for compensation must take the seriousness of these injuries into account.

A Titusville spinal cord injury lawyer from Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law can help after you experience life-altering trauma. Our dedicated catastrophic injury attorneys will  work hard to connect the actions of others to the event that led to your losses while striving to understand how the event has impacted your life. With this information, we can demand appropriate compensation and advocate for your best interests at every opportunity.

The Effects of Spinal Cord Damage on the Body

The spinal cord, along with the brain, comprises the central nervous system (CNS). The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that relays orders from the brain to the other parts of the body. Any damage to the CNS will affect this communication and may leave a person unable to control vital bodily functions. It is not unusual for people experiencing a spinal cord injury to suffer complete or partial paralysis, have the inability to control their bowels, or even lose the ability to breathe on their own.

Making matters worse, many spinal cord injuries are  permanent. While sprains and strains to the ligaments that connect the vertebrae or the bones in the spinal column may heal, the spinal cord’s nerves cannot.

Because of the permanence of these injuries, demands for compensation must reflect the seriousness of these losses. A Titusville spinal cord injury attorney can help demand compensation for medical bills, ongoing care, payments for reductions in a person’s quality of life, and any income they may lose due to these catastrophic injuries. Additionally, our team has prior experience representing large corporations and insurance companies. We are unafraid to stand up against them on behalf of our clients and utilize our inside knowledge to navigate the tactics they commonly employ to avoid paying the full value of a claim.

Incidents That May Cause a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are serious events. Unfortunately, they can happen at almost any time and with little warning. Examples of incidents that may result in these catastrophic injuries include:

As serious as an individual’s losses may be, the law never presumes fault for an incident based on the extent of an injury. Instead, injured people must prove that another party was liable for the incident, usually by establishing negligence. A spinal cord injury attorney in Titusville is ready to obtain the evidence needed to prove another’s fault and present powerful cases against defendants during settlement talks or civil trials.

Statute of Limitations

An important factor to remember about these cases is that there is a limited time to demand compensation following an injury. Florida Statute § 95.11 sets the statute of limitations at four years for most people. Missing this deadline could result in being barred from being compensated.

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