Suing The School For a School Bus Injury

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Can I sue the school if my child was injured on the school bus?


We’ve had clients come to us in the past after their child has been injured, due to a school bus driver’s negligence, coming home from school on the school bus, and they ask us if they can sue the school. What we explain to them is, yes, oftentimes you can sue the school, the school district, or the county, depending on the particular situation, for the negligence of a school bus driver. We explain to them that cases against a school or any governmental entity here in Florida are unique. Suing The School For a School Bus InjuryThere are very specific requirements that must be followed and met, and if those are not followed specifically, the whole case can be barred.

It’s very important that you hire a lawyer that has experience with governmental entity cases and school bus cases because they are unique and involve unique laws that must be followed. If you have a child that’s been injured due to a school bus driver’s negligence and you need legal representation or guidance, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you.

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