Suing A City Or County For A Slip And Fall Injury Case

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Can I sue a city or county if I was injured from a faulty curb or sidewalk?


Suing a City or County for a Slip and Fall Injury Case If you’ve injured yourself on a curb and it’s a city or county curb, you can pursue that claim. It’s important that you hire a lawyer with experience with those types of cases against governmental entities. Governmental entity cases are unique. There’s specific requirements and statutes that must be followed. If they’re not followed correctly, you can be precluded from bringing that case later. It’s very important you hire the right type of lawyer.

There are also caps on the damages that can be assessed, in some cases, against governmental entities, and it’s important that you have a lawyer that can explain that to you so that you can make an informed decision. If you’ve been injured because of the negligence of a county, city, or any other governmental entity, please contact us. We have many years of experience pursuing cases against governmental entities, and we would be happy to help you

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