Steps to File a Personal Injury Case

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What are the steps to filing a personal injury lawsuit?


Clients often ask, “What are the steps to filing a personal injury lawsuit in Orlando?” We explain to them that the first step is to make sure that we have all the important information and who the at-fault parties are. We need to research those parties, make sure that we have the correct names and addresses, and that we know exactly what the facts are behind what happened.

Steps to File a Personal Injury CaseOnce we have all that information, we prepare the lawsuit, which is the written complaint that sets out all the factual and legal allegations against the at-fault parties. We draft that lawsuit, finalize it, check it for all errors, and make sure it’s ready to go. Then with that, we also prepare what’s called discovery— written questions and written requests for documents that we send and get served on the defendants with the lawsuit.

Once that’s all ready to go, it gets filed with the court and it gets to a process server who actually physically serves it on the person, if it’s an individual, or the company or its registered agent. Then once the lawsuit’s served, the defendants have 20 days to answer.

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