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Could my personal injury case settle before going to court?


Settling Your Personal Injury CaseOne of the big concerns and questions that we often get is whether or not a case can settle before going to court in Orlando. The fact of the matter is that most cases settle prior to going to a jury trial. However, many cases have to go into litigation. A lawsuit has to file because the insurance companies and the large corporations don’t want to be fair and they don’t want to offer our clients fair money prior to actually having filed a lawsuit.

Each and every case is different. We try to settle all cases without having to file a lawsuit and without having to go to court. If the insurance company is fair and the large corporations are reasonable, and we can get them to make those types of offers, then we will advise our clients that they should settle that case. Unfortunately, quite often that’s just not possible, so we have to file a lawsuit.

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