Pedestrian Accident Case Value

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What is the value of my pedestrian accident case?


Pedestrian Accident Case Value We’re often asked, “What’s the value of my case? I was a pedestrian, I’ve been injured. Can you give me what my case is worth?” Unfortunately, there’s no exact science or answer to that question. What we do is we use the many years of experience we have in pedestrian cases, not only when we defended individuals that were injuring other people and companies that have caused injuries to other pedestrians, but the many years we’ve had representing people who have been injured as pedestrians. We use that experience and what we’ve seen cases settle for, and what we’ve seen juries do, and then we take that experience, along with the jury verdicts that we’ve seen other lawyers obtain, because those are reported here in Florida, and we look at those and look at similar injuries and, using all that experience and that knowledge, we can give our clients some guidance and educate them on the value of their case.

Having that information and having that knowledge, our clients can then decide if they want to accept a settlement offer or if they would prefer to present their case to a jury. If they decide that they want to present the case to a jury, we’ll do everything in our power and all our resources and present the best case we can to the jury for our client so that they can get full and fair compensation. If you have been involved in a pedestrian case where you’ve been injured or have a loved one that’s been involved in a pedestrian case, please contact us. We’d love to help you.

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