Partial Fault In A Motorcycle Accident Case

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Do I have a case if I was partially at fault for my motorcycle accident injury?


Partial Fault in a Motorcycle Accident Case We’re often contacted by individuals that have been involved in motorcycle accidents in which they believe they were at least partially at fault for the accident. The good thing in the state of Florida is that you can still seek recovery and seek a claim if you’re partially at fault for your motorcycle accident. Florida has what’s called pure comparative fault. An assessment is made of what percent of fault you were responsible for in the motorcycle accident and what percent of fault the other party or other company was. There’s an assessment made on that basis of comparative fault. Even if you’re partially at fault, or even if you’re majority at fault – 60%, 70% – you’re still entitled to seek recovery and seek fair compensation for your injuries.

It’s important that you hire a lawyer and talk to a lawyer that can give you guidance on those issues, fully evaluate the case to see what percent at fault you really are, and to protect you and hire expert witnesses, if needed, to present your case. The short of the answer is, even if you’re at fault, partly or majority at fault, you can still pursue your case in the state of Florida due to the law of pure comparative negligence.

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