Buses are a primary mode of transportation for thousands of people in Florida and throughout the Bay Area. However, this usefulness does come at a cost. Buses are massive vehicles with extensive blind spots. Additionally, their size can make them difficult to control in situations that require a sudden stop or evasive maneuver. As a result, collisions between buses and other vehicles are common. When those collisions are the result of the bus driver’s negligence, all injured parties have the right to seek compensation.

A Palm Bay bus accident lawyer can help to pursue claims for damages on behalf of injured individuals. These claims can demand payment for all medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys have decades of experience representing people like you against aggressive insurance companies. Reach out today to begin reviewing the details of your case.

The Duties of Bus Drivers to Protect Others

As far as traffic laws are concerned, buses are no different from any other vehicle. This means a bus driver has the same obligations to follow speed limits, stop at stop signs, and yield to other vehicles whenever necessary. A bus driver who fails to adhere to these laws may be negligent if an accident occurs.

This duty of protection extends to all other people on or near the road as well as those within the bus itself. Of course, a bus driver must take appropriate care to protect other drivers and pedestrians. However, as a common carrier, buses must also protect their passengers. This is especially true in situations where individuals may be without a seat belt or are forced to stand. A collision can have devastating consequences.

A Palm Bay bus crash attorney will work to investigate the core causes of a bus accident. They can then use the resulting evidence to build powerful claims of negligence against the driver that caused a victim’s injuries.

Establishing Liability for a Bus Accident

It is no secret that bus accidents can inflict traumatic injuries that may profoundly impact a person’s life. Even so, the mere fact that an incident results in an injury is not proof of bus driver negligence. Instead, Florida courts must use the concept of pure comparative negligence. According to Florida Statute § 768.81, courts must evaluate the actions of all parties to a collision to assign blame. It is not uncommon for bus companies to allege that another driver was partially to blame for the accident. This can result in a reduction of an award at trial.

The core of the claim will always be the cost of all necessary medical treatment that results from the incident. Because these bus accidents can often result in separated joints, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, and burns, these bills can often reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is also necessary to evaluate a person’s economic losses. These can include payments needed to repair a car or to reimburse lost income. Finally, a claim must attempt to quantify the emotional impact of the collision. Most physical injuries will result in significant pain, and the traumatic result of a bus accident may leave people suffering from PTSD or flashbacks. Ultimately, the goal of the claim is to make the injured party whole again. A bus accident attorney can help to build claims that name a negligent Palm Bay bus driver as the sole responsible party after an accident.

Talk with a Palm Bay Bus Accident Attorney

The aftermath of a bus crash can leave you with substantial physical injuries, complex emotional traumas, and crippling financial losses. A bus driver who is responsible for an accident is liable to provide compensation for those losses. However, establishing fault is complex and best handled by legal professionals.

A Palm Bay bus accident lawyer is prepared to take the lead in your case. They can handle every part of the claim to protect your rights and to demand appropriate payments for your losses. Working with Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law can allow you to focus on making your best recovery while remaining assured that your case moves forward at an appropriate pace. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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