Child injuries are difficult for both the parents and the child. In addition to all the medical costs and time off work, you also have to see your child in pain. When your child is harmed by someone else’s negligence, the physical pain they endure and your psychological suffering are recoverable in a successful personal injury claim.

Our firm spent many years representing insurance companies, corporations, and large businesses. Now, we put that experience and inside knowledge to work for you. With the help of our experienced Orlando child injury lawyers, you can pursue the compensation your family needs to heal and move on.

When Child Injuries May Occur

Accidents that commonly cause child injuries include, but are not limited to:

Injuries to children deserve appropriate representation. Our Orlando attorneys are willing and ready to take a case on behalf of an injured child and their family.

Proving Negligence in a Child Injury Lawsuit

Our personal injury specialists understand state law and how to put it to use in your case. Children who suffer injuries due to an adult’s failure to exercise reasonable care may collect civil compensation to cover necessary medical expenses and rehabilitative care.

To prove that a third party is responsible for a child’s injury, our attorneys will establish through a showing of evidence that the defendant was negligent in causing the child’s otherwise avoidable injuries. Negligence occurs if the defendant breached their duty of care in some way, thereby causing the child’s undue injuries.

An example of negligence in Orlando child injury cases would be a failure to supervise, which could also constitute criminal child neglect. Regardless of whether criminal charges are filed, and regardless of the outcome of any criminal proceedings, parents can seek monetary damages from responsible parties through a civil claim.

Proving negligence requires a strategic presentation of appropriate evidence, such as police reports, accident reconstructions, video recordings, witness testimony, and more. How that evidence is presented is key to a case’s success. Understanding the Florida Rules of Evidence and how they apply in a particular case is crucial to the success of child injury lawsuit. Our firm has the training and knowledge necessary to pursue a claim properly and within the rules.

Personal Representatives for Child Clients

Children are not considered “competent” to act as their own representative in an injury case. This means that someone—usually their parent—must stand in for them as the plaintiff of the case. It may also be another legal guardian depending on the child’s familial situation. A personal representative is who hires the attorney and signs legal documents on the injured child’s behalf.

Our attorneys are very familiar with the complexities of child injury lawsuits in Orlando. These are highly emotional cases for many families. We understand how to help in these difficult times and how to effectively pursue financial compensation for the child and their family. Our lawyers have many decades of trial experience and are not afraid to fight for the child’s rights against large corporations.

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