Negligent Security Case Settlement Timeline

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How long will my negligent security case take?


Negligent Security Case Settlement Timeline Just the other day, I had a client ask me how long I thought his case would take to resolve, with respect to a negligent security claim here in the Orlando area. I told him it depends. Every case is different. If the case is able to be resolved pre-suit, likely it will be resolved in the first six to twelve months. If the insurance companies fight the liability or fight the causation in damages, however, and are not fair and don’t make reasonable offers, we’ll be forced to litigate the case. Then, it can be 12 to 24 months before the case gets to trial and is tried before a jury.

All of these factors require experience and knowledge in dealing with negligent security cases to make that determination as to how long each case will take. It is important that you hire a seasoned trial lawyer to help you with your negligent security case. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of negligent security, please contact us for a free consultation.

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