Motorcycle Accident Settlement Timeline

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How long will it take to resolve my motorcycle accident injury case?


Motorcycle Accident Settlement Timeline Often, we’re asked how long it’s going to take to resolve a motorcycle accident case in Orlando. Unfortunately, there’s no specific or exact answer to that question. Each and every case is different, and all we can do is give you a guideline based upon what we’ve seen in the past. Sometimes, although rare, motorcycle cases settle very quickly. More often than not, the insurance companies for the at-fault person will treat our clients unfairly, and we will not be able to resolve the case quickly early on, without having to file a lawsuit.

Once we file a lawsuit, on average, a case takes about a year and a half to get to a jury. Every case is ordered to mediation before it ever gets to a jury, which can typically take around a year. That’s the general guideline. There’s no exact time frame on how long a motorcycle case will take; it depends on the injuries; it depends on the amount of treatment; it depends on the insurance company. There are many factors involved.

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