Motorcycle Accident Case Value

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What is the value of my motorcycle accident injury case?


Motorcycle Accident Case Value Our clients often ask us, “What is the value of my motorcycle accident injury claim here in Orlando?” It’s our job to give our clients guidance to know whether or not they should accept a settlement offer or take their case to trial. There’s no exact science or answer to the exact value of any case or any injury claim. What we do is we use the many years of experience that we have, not only defending representing at-fault individuals and companies and insurance companies for motorcycle cases, but the many, many years and the many, many motorcycle cases we’ve helped our clients get full and fair compensation for. We use the experience of what we’ve seen in those cases to guide our clients.

We also use jury verdicts. What have juries done in Orlando with similar injuries and similar types of cases? Using our experience and using that knowledge of jury verdicts, of not only our own cases but cases of other lawyers, we can give our clients guidance and a range so that they can make an informed and educated decision whether or not to settle their case based on the offer that they’ve been given or whether they should present their case to a jury.

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