Any event that affects the integrity of the spinal cord or the nerves in a person’s extremities may cause them to lose their ability to control certain bodily functions. These incidents can affect a person’s voluntary and involuntary actions resulting in paralysis. If another party is responsible for the event, those injured people have the right to seek compensation. In addition, at-fault individuals are liable to provide damages regardless of if they intend to cause harm. Even so, proving these cases can be difficult, and insurance companies will fight to protect their clients.

A Melbourne paralysis injury lawyer can help injured individuals to protect their rights following one of these severe incidents. Our catastrophic injury attorneys have decades of prior involvement in the insurance industry and are ready to fight back against the common tactics they use to deny liability. We are willing to do what is needed to pursue the compensation that you deserve. Contact our office today to learn more.

Proving Defendant Fault Led to Paralysis

Every personal injury case places the burden on the injured to prove that a defendant is responsible for their losses. Paralysis injury cases are no different. The most common way to accomplish this is to show that the defendant was negligent. Defendants may be negligent if they have a duty to protect another party, fail in that duty, and an injury occurs. Car accidents, slips and falls, and defective product cases are all prime examples of paralysis injury claims that allege negligence.

However, individuals pursuing claims centered around negligence need to be cautious. Under Florida Statute § 768.81, courts will evaluate the actions of all parties to assign fault for accidents. No matter how severe a person’s injuries may be, the claim will fail if a defendant can successfully argue that the injured party was the sole cause of their injuries. It is also possible that a court may split liability and award only partial compensation. A Melbourne paralysis injury attorney can help to pursue claims that place liability solely on the shoulders of at-fault defendants.

How Can an Attorney Help with a Paralysis Case?

All personal injury cases require a person seeking compensation to prove two concepts, one being that another party was responsible for the incident that resulted in an injury. Our diligent attorneys will work to obtain full evidence concerning the event to showcase why it is clear that another party was responsible. This can include information after:

Another vital element in these cases involves showing how the event has affected the injured party. Physical consequences are typically the most obvious, but paralysis can also affect a person’s quality of life, ability to earn a living, and emotional well-being. A paralysis injury attorney in Melbourne is ready to take the lead in proving fault for an injury and demanding appropriate compensation that fits an injured individual’s experience.

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Suffering an injury that results in paralysis will throw your entire life into chaos. Not only will you be facing the necessity of long-term medical treatment, but you will also need to adjust your day-to-day routine and consider what you will do to make a living.

When paralysis results from another person’s negligence or violence, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit may help answer many of your concerns. A Melbourne paralysis injury lawyer could take the lead in your claim. As always, there are no upfront fees or costs for our services. We only get paid if we successfully recover compensation for you. Reach out to our team at Norden Leacox Accident & Injury Law now to get started.

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