Liability in a Car Accident Case

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Who will be responsible for paying my medical bills after a car accident?


Liability in a Car Accident CaseOne of the biggest concerns our clients have after an accident is who is going to pay for their medical bills after they’ve been injured. What we always explain to them is that the medical bills are something that we seek to get paid for them by the at-fault party or the at-fault party’s insurance company. In car accident cases, there are insurance benefits that we can look to through PIP, personal injury protection, or no-fault insurance. Many times, people have health insurance that can pay for their medical bills. Even if health insurance pays because of someone else’s negligence, the insurance company is going to assert a lien on their case, which we have to pay back, and that’s part of the damages that we assess when we’re evaluating someone’s case.

The end result is we always seek to have the at-fault person, the at-fault person’s insurance company, or the large company who’s been at fault for injuring our client pay our client’s medical bills. That’s not only the medical bills they’ve incurred in the past, but for all the medical treatment they’re going to need in the future and sometimes for the rest of their life.

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