Initial Offer in a Truck Accident Case

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Should I accept the first settlement offer for my truck accident case


Initial Offer in a Truck Accident CaseThe other day we got a call from a woman who had been involved in a serious truck accident. The insurance company for the trucking company had already made her an offer, and she was asking us whether or not she should accept it. Without knowing too much about the case, other than the little information she shared, we told her the general rule that the first offer from a trucking company or insurance company is almost never a good offer or one that should be accepted.

The most important thing we explained to her was to let us evaluate everything. Let us get a full understanding of the nature of injuries, the amount of her medical bills, and how everything happened. Once we have all that, we can fully evaluate it and give our advice and opinion. We told her we would do that for free. It’s a free consultation. After we do all that, if she still wants to take the offer that was in front of her, that’s up to her and she would owe us no money. We did tell her that we’ve never seen a situation where a trucking company or the insurance company for the trucking company has made a fair and good offer to an individual right after an accident.

If you have any questions about that or any offer that you receive following a truck accident, and just want a second opinion or some guidance and advice, please contact us. Our consultations are always free, and we’d be happy to help you.

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